Karlfried Froehlich’s main field of scholarly activity is the history of Biblical interpretation in patristic times and in the Middle Ages including a strong interest in Christian iconography. A major focus of his research has been the medieval Glossa Ordinaria of the Latin Bible. He has also taught and published on topics related to Martin Luther and Lutheranism and has been actively involved in ecumenical studies, especially through archival projects and publications concerning the work of New Testament scholar and ecumenist Oscar Cullmann (1902-1999).


Primary and Secondary School in Germany

1950 Abitur (Graduation from Gymnasium in Germany with high honors)

1950-51 Study of Theology and Classics, Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal

1951-53 University of Basel, Switzerland

1953-54 University of Göttingen, Germany

1955-59 University of Basel, Switzerland

1955 and 1958 Paris, France

1959-60 Drew University Graduate School, Madison, N.J.

1961 M.A., Drew

1963 Dr. theol., University of Basel, Switzerland, summa cum laude

Other Publications

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