I am an ancient historian whose current research focuses on the history of Classical and Hellenistic Ionia in its Mediterranean context between competing imperial powers. I also have an interest in food in ancient Greece and in the cultural legacy surrounding Alexander the Great.


BA: Brandeis University, 2008

MA: University of Missouri-Columbia, 2011

PhD: University of Missouri-Columbia, 2017


Refereed Articles

“Oracular Politics: Propaganda and Myth in the Restoration of Didyma,” Ancient History Bulletin 32 (2018), 44–60

“’Who cares about the Greeks living in Asia?’: Ionia and Attic Orators in the Fourth Century.” Classical Journal 114 (2018), 162–90

“The war between Miletus and Samos περὶ Πριήνης (Thuc. 1.115.2; Diod. 12.27.2; and Plut. Per., 25.1),” Classical Quarterly 66 (2016), 772–4

Blog Posts


    Accustomed to Obedience?: A History of Classical Ionia  [dissertation monograph]



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