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“‘What Country, Friends, Is This?’: Touring Shakespeares, Agency, and Efficacy in Theatre Historiography,” Theatre Survey 54.1 (January 2013): pp. 51-85.

Full text: Abstract: Touring theatre is a place where theatre studies and globalization come into contact. In this second […]

4 January 2013 28 January 2014 artistic and moral agency, Coriolanus, cultural translation, Edinburgh Festival, efficacy, globalization, Globe-to-Globe, Hamlet, Richard III, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare, The Tempest, theatre historiography, touring theatre, Twelfth Night
“Chapter 3: Yukio Ninagawa.” Brook, Hall, Ninagawa, Lepage: Great Shakespeareans 18 vols. Vol. 18. Edited by Peter Holland. London: Bloomsbury, 2013. pp. 79-112.

Full Text:   EXCERPT from the chapter. Full text available on my website   Chapter 3 Yukio Ninagawa   […]

22 September 2013 22 September 2013 adaptation, Asia, global Shakespeare, Japan, Kabuki, Kyogen, Noh, performance, Shingeki, translation, Yukio Ninagawa
Congressional Briefing: Globalization and the Humanities in the Twenty-first Century

12-minute video at:   Globalization and the Humanities in the Twenty-first Century Congressional Briefing by Alexander Huang —————————————– Some people […]

24 May 2013 24 May 2013 advocacy, congressional briefing, Cultural Revolution, digital humanities, global Shakespeare, globalization, Hamlet, humanities, Julius Caesar, Nelson Mandela, Robben Island Prison, Shakespeare, Taiwan, to be or not to be, U.S. Congress, Wu Ningkun
Global Shakespeares as Methodology

Excerpted from  Alexander C. Y. Huang, “Global Shakespeares as Methodology.” Shakespeare 9.3 (September 2013): 273-290. Full text at: ABSTRACT         […]

29 September 2013 29 September 2013 Adaptation archival silence cultural globalization earthrise global Shakespeare London Globe Map performance criticism touring translation
GW Digital Humanities Symposium, Friday January 25 – Saturday January 26, 2013 Digital humanities is a vibrant field that uses digital technologies to study the interactions between cultural artifacts and the […]

8 December 2012 8 December 2012 archive, book history, digital humanities, literary studies, new media
New Variorum Shakespeare Digital Challenge Earlier this year the MLA Committee on the New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare sponsored a digital challenge seeking the […]

7 December 2012 7 December 2012 digital humanities
Session 215. International Shakespeare. Friday Jan10: 8:30-9:45 am (Outline and Presentation)

Session 215. International Shakespeare. Friday January 10, 2014; 8:30-9:45 am in Purdue-Wisconsin room, Chicago Marriott Program arranged by the Division […]

5 January 2014 5 January 2014 archival silence, cartography, cultural globalization, fascination with the globe, global Shakespeare, international Shakespeare, Methodology, performance studies, spectre
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