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    Social Media, Literary Transaction, and Nationalism in East Asian Literature

    An LLC EAST ASIAN Forum Session at the next MLA convention in Chicago, January 3-6, 2019

    How have Asian digital networks (e.g. Line, Weibo, and KakaoTalk) impacted the circulation of poetry and prose? And do these new literary transactions correlate with heightened nationalism?

    How do recent modes of dissemination change the form of the literary? How do they transform the social function of literature? To what degree has the new digital literature transcended borders, and to what degree does it redraw them?

    For at least the last decade, our social contacts have been reshaped by new media that emphasize connectivity and speed while seeming to elide traditional issues of distance and even language. And yet geography and local culture have come back in hauntingly familiar ways during the corruption scandals in mainland China, the Fukushima disasters, and the North Korean nuclear arsenal buildup. Whether the government’s mismanagement of resource or the impeachment of leaders, social media have been used to reshape the way news and fake news have circulated. Literature has been employed in these networks as escape from and engagement in the news-scape of the present.

    To examine and draw out comparative trends and differences, this panel invites papers on specific interactions between social media, literature, and the geostrategic world.

    Please send 250 word abstracts to Jonathan E. Abel (jonathan.abel@psu.edu) by March 16, 2018. Presenters must be current MLA members.