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    The Companion to Media Studies and Digital Humanities is about researching media through new media: for example, playing games to better understand their politics and mechanics, exhibiting new media art to witness how people engage it, building stories to become more familiar with their structures and narratives, making wearable technologies to explore the overlaps between norms and fashion, or developing software to examine its relation to writing and literacy. In this introduction, I survey some tensions and overlaps between media studies and digital humanities and then focus on four key areas of analysis emerging from their intersection in this companion: moving beyond text in digital humanities research, foregrounding the importance of collaboration and laboratories outside of the sciences, underscoring the need for cultural criticism and social justice research when working with technologies, and expanding what “intervention” and “research contribution” mean in a moment obsessed with “doing,” “making,” and “hacking.” I conclude the introduction with an outline and rationale for each of the Companion’s five sections: Access, Praxis, Justice; Design, Interface, Interaction; Mediation, Method, Materiality; Remediation, Data, Memory; and Making, Programming, Hacking.