Interests:  Medical humanities and health studies.  Poetry, narratives, and patient care. Faith, spirituality and health.


Clemson University (PhD in Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design, 2012) Florida State University (MA in English and Writing, 1976) Villanova University (BA in English, Honors Program, 1969)


Selected publications:   Thomas, K.J., Denham, B.E., Dinolfo, J.D. (2011). Perceptions among occupational and physical therapy students of a non-traditional methodology for teaching laboratory gross anatomy. Anatomical Sciences Education, 4(2), 71-77. DOI 10.1002/ase.208.   Dinolfo, J.  (2009).  New media and medical humanities: Visual rhetoric in selected YouTube patient/illness narratives.  Rocky Mountain Communication Review, Vol. 6(1), 86-91.   Dinolfo, J.  (2008).  Seeing and re-viewing the human body:  Reflections on the rhetoric of medical videography.  In Rhetoric of healthcare: Essays toward a new disciplinary inquiry. Barbara Heifferon and Stuart Brown, Eds. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, Ch. 10, 181-202.   Dinolfo, J., Heifferon, B., Temesvari, L.A. (2007).   Seeing cells:  Teaching the visual and verbal rhetoric of biology.  Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 37(4), 395-417.   Dinolfo, J. (2001). A Place of Healing. The Virgin Mary in Medjugorje. Toronto: Ave Maria Center of Peace.   Dinolfo, J & Dinolfo, D: (1998, April).  Faces of the Holy: Native American Sacred.   Catholic Digest, 24-31.   Dinolfo, J.  (1993).  Anesthesiology at Yale: Continuing the legacy. Yale Medicine, 27(3), 22-29.   Dinolfo, J.  (1992).  Bridging the gap: Pathology at Yale.  Yale Medicine, 26(1), 18-23.     Selected Textbook Editing. Public Health and Epidemiology:   Last, J.M. (1998).  Public health and human ecology. 2nd ed. Stamford, CT: Appleton & Lange.   Greenberg, R.S., Daniels, S.R., Flanders, W.D., Eley, J.W., Boring, J.R.  (1996). Medical epidemiology, 2nd ed.  Norwalk, CT:  Appleton & Lange.   Essex-Sorlie, D.  (1995). Medical biostatistics and epidemiology.  Norwalk:  Appleton & Lange. Health humanities poetry contributor to Presence (Caldwell University), Humanitas (Medical University of South Carolina).


Writing in the health humanities and health sciences. Learning styles in clinical education.

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

MLA 2018.  Panel discussion on literature and nursing practice.


  Writing and Communication, Teaching and Learning   Educause Modern Language Association Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts   Volunteer Work: Education and Communication   African Education Outreach.  Board Member. Assistant Chair, Grant Writing Committee:  South Carolina based nonprofit foundation to build and maintain a state-of-the-art K-12 school in southern Nigeria.   National Association of Catholic Nurses. Associate Member. Member of Practice/Research Committee, Ethics and Spirituality Committee.

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