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    Dear Colleagues,

    Joyce Meier of Michigan State University and I are editing a collection of scholarly essays on the theme of Voice and Empowerment in English studies. Cambridge Scholars Publishing is interested in publishing this book.

    As faculty members, we try to empower our students and to encourage them to develop their own voices. We also want our students to hear the different voices of others in their classrooms, in cities, and in literature. Working in a culture that often has an anti-intellectual bias, how can we find our own voices and empower ourselves? We welcome scholarly papers about the topics below.

    teaching composition, literature, linguistics, etc.

    works of literature that develop the themes of voice and empowerment

    professional expectations/evaluation

    classroom management

    preparing students for the work world

    English departments and our society


    the lives of our students

    curriculum development

    the creative process

    computer or on-line instruction

    union/administration differences

    race, class, and gender studies

    film studies

    Please e-mail completed papers to both of us us as a Word attachment. Thank you very much for your consideration.

    Best wishes!


    Janet Ruth Heller, President of the Michigan College English Association
    e-mail is janetheller@charter.net

    Joyce Meier, Vice President of the Michigan College English Association
    e-mail is meierjo@msu.edu