I am Professor of English Studies and former Department Chair at Lewis University, where I teach courses in Victorian literature, Film Studies, and Gothic literature. My current and upcoming publications include book chapters on the poetry of Oscar Wilde, the Gothic fiction of Walter Scott, and adaptations of Jekyll and Hyde, together with journal articles on neo-Victorian representations of masculinity and the fiction of Ray Bradbury.


PhD in English, the University of Chicago, 1999

MA in English, the University of Chicago, 1992

BA in Communications and English, with honors, Lewis and Clark College, 1987



“Lifting the Veil: Allegory, Ambivalence, and the Scottish Gothic in The Bride of Lammermoor.” Gothic Britain: Dark Places in the Provinces and Margins of the British Isles. Eds. William Hughes and Ruth Heholt. University of Wales Press, 2018. 161-78.

“Haunting ‘The Harlot’s House.’” Wilde’s Other Worlds. Eds. Michael F. Davis and Petra Dierkes-Thrun. Routledge, 2018. 60-83.

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“The American Gothic and the Carnivalesque in Something Wicked This Way Comes.” The New Ray Bradbury Review 6 (2019). Forthcoming in 2019.

“Representations of Masculinity in Neo-Victorian Film and Television.” Neo-Victorian Studies. Forthcoming in 2019.

“‘The Lady of the House of Love’: Angela Carter’s Vampiric Sleeping Beauty.” Cabinet de Fées: A Fairy Tale Journal 1.2-3 (2007): 145-57.

“‘A good horror has its place in art’: Hardy’s Gothic Strategy in Tess of the d’Urbervilles.” Studies in the Humanities 32.2 (2005): 93-115.


“Vicious Circle.” The Horror Zine Magazine. Spring 2015: 20-27.


“Reading ‘The Yellow Wallpaper.’” The Jet Fuel Review Blog. May 6, 2011.

Bethlehem Blog. 2007.

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