Imogen has recently completed her PhD at the University of Tasmania, Australia. Her thesis,‘Profitable and Unprofitable Acres: Patterns of European expansion across Van Diemen’s Land, 1803-35’ uses HGIS to look at the settlement patterns of of colonial Van Diemen’s Land (today Tasmania), analysing the priorities of the settlers, the relationship between Aboriginal and European land use, and the work of the surveyors who charted the land.

Previously she completed her MA in Landscape History at the University of East Anglia, UK. Her dissertation examined the medieval phenomenon of common-edge drift – the movement of settlements away from their churches, which left churches standing isolated within fields.

She completed a combined bachelor’s degree at the University of Tasmania, BA LLB, majoring in history and German.


2006 – 2012: BA LLB (History and German), University of Tasmania
2012 – 2013: MA (Landscape History), University of East Anglia
2014 – 2018: PhD (History), University of Tasmania

Other Publications

‘Common-Edge Drift in Norfolk’, Norfolk Archaeology, XLVII, 2016, pp. 356-73


Upcoming Talks and Conferences

Paper: ‘The soggy paths to colonial settlement’, Australian Historical Association, Canberra
2-6 July 2018

Invited paper: ‘Land granting in Richmond’, Coal River Valley Historical Society, Richmond
22 April 2018

Upcoming paper: ‘Examining the ground beneath their feet: GIS and colonial Tasmania’, State of GIS 2018, Hobart
18 April 2018

Invited paper: ‘Profitable and Unprofitable Acres’, Tasmanian Historical Research Association, Hobart (available online at: https://plotsandacres.wordpress.com/2018/02/14/public-talk-profitable-and-unprofitable-acres/)
13 February 2018

Media appearance: Colonial land granting practices, Evenings with Melanie Tait, 936 ABC Hobart and Tasmania
16 November 2017

Seminar Paper: ‘Pretended to the Theory of Farming: How a group of incompetents didn’t make Little England in Van Diemen’s Land’, Geospatial Innovation Seminar, University of Lancaster, and Professional Historians of Australia (Tasmania) and Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office Program, Hobart
28 June 2017
6 April 2017

Paper: ‘A picture skips a thousand wounds: how conflict affected the surveying of colonial Van Diemen’s Land’, Historical Geography and GIS Network: Social Science History Association Conference, Chicago (USA)
17-20 November 2016

Paper: ‘Mine! Casual Expansion by Land Grantees’, Centre for Tasmanian Historical Studies Annual Conference, Hobart
10 September 2016

Paper: ‘Competence, Corruption and Conflict: Surveyors on the Colonial Front Line of Van Diemen’s Land’, From Boom to Bust: Australian Historical Association Conference, Ballarat
4-9 July 2016

Paper: ‘A deranged state of affairs: using GIS to assemble the story of land grants in colonial Van Diemen’s Land’, Digital Panopticon Conference, Hobart
22-24 June 2016

Seminar Paper: ‘A Map to Tell One Thousand Words – Using GIS to narrate the expanding colonial landscape of Van Diemen’s Land’, PhDex – Second CxI Interdisciplinary Exchange PhD Seminar, University of Tasmania, Hobart
10-11 November 2015

Paper: ‘Like a Nobleman’s Park: The Expanding Landscape of Van Diemen’s Land’ (short version), Royal Society of Tasmania, Hobart
6 October 2015

Seminar Paper: ‘Granting Land in Van Diemen’s Land’, Digital Panoptican Workshop, Liverpool (UK)
20 July 2015

Paper: ‘Like a Nobleman’s Park: The Expanding Landscape of Van Diemen’s Land’ (long version), Foundational Histories: Australian Historical Association Conference, Sydney
6-11 July 2015

Paper: ‘Like a Nobleman’s Park: The Landscape of an Expanding Colony’, History and Classics Seminar Series, University of Tasmania, Hobart
15 May 2015

Paper: ‘Land Grants in Van Diemen’s Land’, Fellowship of First Fleeters, Hobart
4 April 2015

Workshops: History – school taster sessions, University of Tasmania, Hobart
Ongoing, since 2015



Australian Historical Association, 2014

Tasmanian Historical Research Association, 2015

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