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    2019 – Presentation of essay called “In Europe, in Iran, Expanding on the Temporal Fissures of Modernism of Uneven Development” to Modernism and Multiple Temporalities Conference (Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo) organized by Modernist Studies in Asia Network (MSIA) in September.



    2019 – Presentation of essay “In the Labyrinth of Yeşilçam: Transient Cosmopolitanism, Passing Images of a Street, and a Theater in Istanbul” at The Street and the City – Encounters Conference at the University of Lisbon on April 12.


    2019 – Presentation of essay “Objects in Vitrines, Objects in Motion: On the ‘Museum Films’ of Ebrahim Golestan and Alain Resnais” at Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) at Seattle on March 17. 


    2019 – Presentation of essay “Looking the Headless Body in the Eye: the Grotesque Body and the Carnivalesque in Dušan Makavejev’s Cinema” at Washington DC. ACLA seminar on Yugoslav Black Wave on March 9.


    2019 – Respondent to Didier Coste’s presentation of essay “The Literary Construction of Cosmopolitan Identities” at the University of Pittsburgh Humanities Center on March 6.

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