• Gloria Lee McMillan deposited Is a key to culture in the distance from “dirt”? in the group Group logo of Economics & LiteratureEconomics & Literature on MLA Commons 4 years, 8 months ago

    This Blog covers a new approach to culture via literary analysis. The hypothesis is that distance from dirt is a key aspect of culture that cuts across ideologies. To begin this work, we will use Big Data to study (content analysis) themes and characters in US novels from the 19th C. to the 21st C. Theory for this analysis will be Joel Kovel’s work on dirt as related to racism and classism. A second theoretical grounding is Thorstein Veblen’s _Theory of the Leisure Class_. A third theoretical lens is peter Newell’s “Race, Class and the Global Politics of Environmental Inequality” in _Global Environmental Politics_ 5.3 | August 2005 p.70-94