• James Gifford deposited HUMN 2439: Radical Political Thought (2017-01) in the group Group logo of TC Marxism, Literature, and SocietyTC Marxism, Literature, and Society on MLA Commons 6 years, 10 months ago

    This course explores major currents of political radicalism both within and outside of the dominant western political tradition. Topics considered may include antidemocratic radicalism, democratic radicalism, Marxian radicalism, radical feminism, radical individualism, and post-colonial radicalism. Readings will include selections from Kant, Wollstonecraft, Marx, Luxemburg, Read, Fanon, p’Bitek, Woodcock, and Wolff. Students will be invited to consider seriously both justifications and criticisms of democracy, liberal individualism, capitalism, patriarchy, and colonialism, and draw their own conclusions. Attention will be paid to historical context, although no prior study of history or the history of political thought is required.