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Gabriel Ready is an independent researcher whose work focuses on Shakespeare’s First Folio. Solving a centuries old problem in “Model of Disorder,” Gabriel explains why the preliminaries section of the First Folio was designed to be an optional gathering and how the first 18 pages are found today in several distinct sequential orders.

In “The Production of the First Folio Reconsidered,” Gabriel examines the printing schedule of the First Folio in the context of King James’ failing Spanish Match, at the same time overturning some common misconceptions.

In “A Prologue Arm’d: The Printing of Troilus and Cressida in the First Folio,” Gabriel questions the assumption that there was a dispute over copyright that led to a suspension of printing Troilus in the Tragedies section. He proposes a new theory on why it was removed and then months later reinserted in a more prominent position.

Gabriel lives in Ottawa, Ontario.


MA, English literature, University of Ottawa, 1998

BA, English literature, Laurentian University, 1996

Other Publications

“The Production of the First Folio Reconsidered”, The Oxfordian, Volume 23 (September 2021)


“A Prologue Arm’d: The Printing of Troilus and Cressida in the First Folio”, Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter (August 2021)


“Model of Disorder: The Story of Alternative First Folios”, Humanities Commons, CORE (July 2020)


“The Knotty Wrong-side: Another Spanish Connection to the First Folio”, The Oxfordian, Volume 20 (September 2018)


“Honest Ben and the Two Tribes He Hath Left Us”, The Oxfordian, Volume 17 (September 2015)

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