I’m currently a visiting research fellow at the University of Leeds. The overall framework of my research is that of authority: how it was negotiated between different levels of power, how it operated in practice, and how it transformed between the earlier and later Middle Ages. To that end, my current research is focused on the relationship between bishops and kings between the late ninth and late eleventh centuries. In general terms, I am particularly interested in the production and use of documentary material, and in the relationship between life histories and historical processes.


2012-2016          Faculty of History and Pembroke College, University of Cambridge

PhD in History, supervisor: Rosamond McKitterick

Thesis title: ‘The comparative development of the territorial principalities between the Loire and the Scheldt, 893-996’ 

2011-2012           Faculty of History and Pembroke College, University of Cambridge

MPhil in Medieval History: Distinction

Dissertation: ‘The comparative evolution of princely power in tenth-century Normandy and Flanders’ 

2008-2011          Pembroke College, University of Cambridge

BA (Hons) in History: II.i

Undergraduate dissertation: ‘Warrior elites, seafaring mobility and migration: Rollo of Normandy and Guthrum of East Anglia’

Other Publications

‘”A girly man like you can’t rule us real men any longer”: Sex, violence and masculinity in Dudo of Saint-Quentin’s Historia Normannorum’, Anglo-Norman Studies 42 (2020), pp. 101-117.

‘“Nullus alicui clerico episcopatum conferre debeat nisi rex”: Royal authority and disputed episcopal elections during the late Carolingian period’, The Medieval Low Countries 6 (2019), pp. 55-73.

‘Kingship and consent in the reign of Charles the Simple: The case of Sint-Servaas (919)’, The Mediaeval Journal 7.2 (2019), pp. 1-22.

‘A post-Carolingian voice of dissent: The Historia Francorum Senonensis’, The Journal of Medieval Latin 28 (2018), pp. 15-47.

‘Vikings and Bretons? The language of factional politics in late Carolingian Brittany’, Viking and Medieval Scandinavia 11 (2015), pp. 183-202.

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