• “Passions, Emotions and Cognition in the Long Eighteenth-Century Literature in England”
    4th issue of journal “English Literature: Theories, Interpretations, Contexts” (Flavio Gregori, ed.).

    Michael McKeon: “Aesthetic Cognition: Feeling the Emotions of Others”;
    Margaret A. Doody: “The Actor, the Mirror, the Soul and the Sylph ”
    Regina M. Dal Santo: “The Rhetoric of Passions in John Tillotson’s Sermons”
    Judith Hawley: “Scriblerian Cognition: Pope, Swift, Arbuthnot and Self-Knowledge”
    Katarzyna Kozak: “The Hurry and Uproar of Their Passions: Images of the Early 18th-Century Whig”
    Riccardo Capoferro: “Fears, Apprehensions and Conjecture: Suspense in Robinson Crusoe”
    Lucia Quinault: ” ‘So Shall She Now the Softest Coulours Chuse | To Paint thy Fate & Shadow out thy Woes’: Poetry and Emotion in the Abergavenny Scandal of 1729″