• The journal ‘English Literature: Theories, Interpretations, Contexts’, published at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, invites scholars to send article proposals on the topic of
    ‘Fictions, Facts and “Effects of Reality”: Questioning the Mimetic in the Nineteenth-Century Novel’.
    We shall be happy to consider essays that address and problematize the mimetic in the nineteenth-century novel (British, American and in English), highlighting the relationship between fictional and non-fictional elements and focussing on the framing strategies –descriptive, rhetorical, pertaining to plotting and characterization, etc.– of referential material that confer an “air of reality” on works of fiction. Our special concern is the relationship between fictional and non-fictional narrations, the integration of factual reference in fiction, i.e. the fictional deployment of, or tampering with, non-fictional data (e.g. such as occurs in historical novels, romans-à-clef, Newgate novels).
    The deadline for sending proposal and abstract is May 1st, 2019.