Asian American and Asian Canadian literature, 18th century British fiction, life writing, graphic novels, feminist and gender issues, contemporary Canadian literature


Phd, English, McMaster University, 1988
MA, English, McMaster University 1982
BA Honours, English, University of Toronto, 1981


Books Authored:

Asianfail: Narratives of Disenchantment and the Model Minority. University of Illinois Press, 2017. xii + 160 pp.

            *Winner of the 2017-18 Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature in Adult Non-Fiction Category, The Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association.

Unfastened:  Globality and Asian North American Narratives.  University of Minnesota Press, 2010.  xxxvii + 175 pp.
The Politics of the Visible in Asian North American Narratives.  University of Toronto Press, 2004.  xv + 227 pp.

Empowering the Feminine:  The Narratives of Mary Robinson, Jane West, and Amelia Opie, 1796-1812.  University of Toronto Press, 1998.  xi + 224 pp.

Unsex’d Revolutionaries:  Five Women Novelists of the 1790s.  Theory and Culture Series.  University of Toronto Press, 1993. xvii + 189 pp.

Books/Journals Edited:

Co-editor, Candida Rifkind and Nima Naghibi. Migration, Exile and Diaspora in Graphic Life Narratives. Special Issue of a/b: Auto/Biography Studies Vol. 35, Issue 2.  295-515.

Co-editor, Cynthia Sugars. Canadian Literature and Cultural Memory. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2014.  xv + 493 pp.

Co-editor, Russell Kilbourn.  The Memory Effect:  The Remediation of Memory in Literature and Film. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2013. 355 pp.

Co-editor, Christl Verduyn.  Asian Canadian Writing Beyond Autoethnography.  Waterloo, ON:  Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2008. 330 pp.       

Co-editor, Donald Goellnicht,  Asian North American Identities Beyond the Hyphen.  Bloomington:  Indiana University Press,  2004.  212 pp.

Editor, Memoirs of Emma Courtney by Mary Hays (1796).  Oxford:  Oxford World’s Classics, 1996.  xlv + 220 pp.  2nd ed., 2000.  xlv +220 pp. Reissued 2009.

Editor, The Victim of Prejudice by Mary Hays (1799).  Peterborough and Lewiston, N.Y.:  Broadview Press, 1994. xxxviii + 198pp.  2nd ed., 1998.  xliii +260 pp.

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