David Hershinow is a Visiting Assistant Professor of English, specializing in Shakespeare, early modern literature and culture, intellectual history, and literary theory. He completed his PhD at Johns Hopkins and, before coming to Baruch, taught for five years as a postdoctoral lecturer in Princeton University’s Writing Program. Prof. Hershinow’s first book, Shakespeare and the Truth-Teller: Confronting the Cynic Ideal (Edinburgh UP, under contract), follows the complicated reception history of Diogenes the Cynic, whose unconventional way of life has been viewed by some as the authenticating basis for radically effective truth-telling and by others as just the opposite: proof that anything he says cannot be taken seriously. Situating the early modern preoccupation with the figure of Diogenes within the longer arc of Cynicism’s literary, philosophical, and political history, Shakespeare and the Truth-Teller argues that Shakespeare fashions a number of Cynic characters with an eye to diagnosing the confusion between literary character and ethical character that leads admirers of Diogenes to believe in the possibility of radically effective truth-telling. At Baruch, he teaches courses in Satire, Great Works of Literature, and Writing. He has published articles on Shakespeare and early modern drama in Criticism and Modern Philology.


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