Californian, Associate Professor of English, Associate Chair of English, CSUN Senator-At-Large, MLA Public Humanities Incubator Mentor 2022. I go by she/her.

As a researcher and teacher, I am working to better understand the relationship between forms and genres of popular print culture and the nineteenth-century Anglophone world. My interests include 19th-century and contemporary print culture, form and genre, empire, space and place, globalization, ecology, diversity and equity, women’s writing, pop culture, and public humanities. I have been published in The Journal of American Culture, Studies in American Fiction, Engaging the Age of Jane Austen: Public Humanities in Practice, the Journal of Transnational American Studies, and more. I am currently at work on a book about the historic influence of transatlantic captivity narratives on 19th-century U.S. imperial, popular imaginings of Asia-Pacific expansion.

When I am not reading or teaching, you can find me working on digital and public humanities initiatives. Most recently, I was selected by a blind review panel to present my paper, “The Writing Process as Opposed to Writing Product in the Era of OpenAI” in spring 2024 at the CSUN College of Humanities AI Showcase. In fall 2023, I was hired as an English Studies Consultant for Scale AI in rubric development, helping develop accurate, safe, and responsible AI content. I was also invited to craft a podcast on representations of gender and sexuality in the horror pulps for the Circa Queer Histories Roundtable by ONE Archives Foundation at CSUN in fall 2023. Earlier, I also served as one of the MLA Public Humanities Incubation Mentors in 2022. In 2021, I won a CSUN Community Engagement Seed grant to help my students craft a collection of podcasts that augmented CSUN’s annual University Library exhibit, “Los Angeles On Film and On Record.” My pedagogy and podcast series are briefed in CSUN’s University Library E-News! https://library.csun.edu/eNews/Spring-2021/featured

I also recently worked on the nationally-recognized, Mellon-funded WhatEvery1Says project and used machine learning methods (topic modeling) to analyze public discourse on the humanities at large data scales (newspapers). I also served as a Media Curator for the Stanford University Press-published textbook, The American Yawp, which began as an open-source U.S. History textbook. In the past, I have worked as a research associate and encoder for digital archives, including the Women Writer’s Project and the Modernist Journals Project. I have experience developing MODS records, TEI encoding, using OCR programs, and other aspects of the digitization process.


MA/Ph.D. American Studies, Brown University

MA in Literature, University of California at Santa Cruz

BA in English, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo



“Oranamentalism and Spectacle Ethnography in Sui Sin Far’s Mrs. Spring Fragrance,” Nineteenth Century Studies (forthcoming)

“Empires of Extraction: Silver Field Ecologies and Eugenics in Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Mexican Gothic.” Studies in American Fiction, vol.50 no. 1 & 2, 2023 (forthcoming in December 2023).

“‘Coach, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore:’ Ted Lasso and the Heartland Mythos.” The Journal of American Culture (December 2023)

“Wiki-Editing and the Digital Classroom.” Engaging the Age of Jane Austen: Public Humanities in Practice. University of Iowa Press (January 2019).

“Beyond the Black Atlantic: Pacific Rebellions and the Gothic in Herman Melville’s “Benito Cereno”.” Journal of Transnational American Studies 8.1 (August 2017).



Faculty Director. CSUN Graduate Student Essay Series for the University Library’s Peek in the Stacks Special Collections blog. Special Issue: The Gothic in Popular and Pulp Fiction https://library.csun.edu/SCA/Peek-in-the-Stacks/weird-tales-1935

Faculty Director. CSUN Student Podcast Series for CSUN’s University Library’s annual archival exhibit, “Los Angeles: On Film and Record.” https://library.csun.edu/virtual-exhibit/LAFR/critique

Faculty Research Associate (topic modeling and writing). WE1S Summer Research Group at CSUN (WhatEvery1Says project). https://we1s.ucsb.edu/about/team/

Research Associate and Encoder. The Modernist Journals Project, Brown University, 2013-14, Summer 2012. https://modjourn.org/about/

Research Associate and Encoder. Women Writers Project, Brown University, 2009-2010. https://www.wwp.northeastern.edu/


Upcoming Talks and Conferences

Paper presentation, “The Writing Process as Opposed to Writing Product in the Era of OpenAI.” CSUN College of Humanities AI Showcase, spring 2024.

Faculty Director/Podcaster, “Gender, Sex, and the Cosmos in the Horror Pulps: From Weird Tales magazine to Christopher Pike’s 90s Horror Novels.” Research Podcast for Remnants of Resistance podcast series for the Circa Queer Histories Festival by ONE Archives Foundation at CSUN, fall 2023. https://spotify.link/yO6j7u6oLDb

Faculty Mentor, Public Humanities Incubator Showcase panel, MLA 2022.



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Dr. Colleen Marie Tripp

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