Media studies; German literature after 1750; science, technology, and society studies; human rights; political theory. 


PhD in German Literatures and Language from New York University, 2012


“Bones of Contention: Friedrich Kittler’s Recursive Realism,” in The Sirens Go Silent, ed. Jeffrey Champlin and Antje Pfannkuchn (New York: Fordham UP) forthcoming 2015.
“‘The Lens is to Blame’: Three Remarks on the Digital Humanities, Black Boxes, and Vilém Flusser’s ‘New Humanism,’ in Flusser Studies: Multilingual Journal for Cultural and Media Theory (ISSN 1661-5719), Issue 18, November 2014.
“‘Inter, but not national’: Vilém Flusser and the Technologies of Exile,” in Escape to Life: German Intellectuals in New York, ed. Eckart Goebel and Sigrid Wiegel (Berlin:
de Gruyter, 2011) 499-509.
“The Butterfly and the Potato: Vilém Flusser and Design” in artUS (ISSN: 0181-1835),
issue 26, 2009-1, 46-53. 

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