Dr. Rasmussen is a Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Theology at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He teaches “Introduction to Biblical Literature” and “Women in Christianity,” a course of his own design that explores the significance and accomplishments of women from Eve to Thérèse of Lisieux. He is also a Senior Lecturer in the Humanities Division of Brescia University’s online program, where he teaches theology, biblical studies, and church history courses.

He has a Ph.D. in Theology and Religious Studies from The Catholic University of America, specializing in historical theology and early Christianity. His research focuses on Basil of Caesarea, Origen, and the interface between theology and science in their writings. His first book, Genesis and Cosmos, was recently published in Brill’s Bible in Ancient Christianity series. His current research focuses on Basil and the human body, physiology, and medicine. He has also begun a fresh translation of Basil’s Hexaemeron.

He sometimes blogs (and Tweets) about issues in the Catholic church, particularly Pope Francis and his discontents at Where Peter Is.


Ph.D. in Historical Theology
The Catholic University of America, School of Theology and Religious Studies

Certificate of Advanced Study in Greek and Latin
The Catholic University of America, Department of Greek and Latin

M.A. in Religious Studies
Gonzaga University, Department of Religious Studies

B.A. Honors in Religious Studies
Washington State University, College of Liberal Arts

Other Publications

Genesis and Cosmos: Basil and Origen on Genesis 1 and Cosmology (Bible in Ancient Christianity 14; Leiden: Brill, 2019)

Review of Jennifer A. Rea and Liz Clarke, Perpetua’s Journey: Faith, Gender, & Power in the Roman Empire, Graphic History Series (New York & Oxford: OUP, 2018) in Vigiliae Christianae 72, no. 5 (2018): 567-70 (https://doi.org/10.1163/15700720-12341350)

Review of Olga A. Druzhinina, The Ecclesiology of St. Basil the Great: A Trinitarian Approach (Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2016) in Vigiliae Christianae 72, 4 (2018): 462-64 (https://doi.org/10.1163/15700720-12341360)

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