Hi there! I’m Charlie Gleek, I’m a Ph.D. student in the Comparative Studies program at Florida Atlantic University, and I am interested in stuff, things, and objects. My research and teaching practice lies at the nexus of literary studies and history. I am particularly interested in Book History and Print Culture, as well as Material Culture and the History of Technology as it relates to the production, circulation, and reception of printed materials. In other words, I’m curious about the manufacture and transmission of papermaking, printing, and book-making technologies, as well as the people and social contexts in which this work occurs. I’ve spent more than a decade teaching students in universities and secondary schools before embarking my Ph.D.  I’ve also worked to design interdisciplinary curriculum and trained faculty from around the world in progressive pedagogies and approaches to service learning.  I have been fortunate enough to have published several journal articles and books, most recently in The Journal of American Culture, Pearson Education, and, i.e.: inquiry in education. I currently teach Freshman composition courses in the Department of English and run workshops on digital pedagogy in the Advanced Media and Production Lab. I also serve as the President of the Comparative Studies Student Association and as the Representative for the College of Arts and Letters in the Graduate and Professional Student Association, with a particular focus on improving graduate student workers’ labor conditions. I live with a partner, a few children, an exceedingly-friendly dog, and an early-20th century Vandercook in Boca Raton, FL; surrounded by a mix of native and invasive flora and fauna and the regular wail of hurricane-force winds.


Ph.D (anticipated in 2021) Comparative Studies: Cultures, Languages & Literatures, Florida Atlantic University. Ed.D. (2014) Educational Leadership, Lynn University. M.A. (2004) Political Science, Florida Atlantic University. B.A. (2002) Political Science, Florida Atlantic University.

Other Publications

Scholarship “Understanding Student Engagement During Simulations in IB Global Politics.” i.e.: inquiry in education, vol. 7, no. 1, 2015, http://digitalcommons.nl.edu/ie/vol7/iss1/6 (with Robert P. Watson, Anthony J. Eksterowicz, & Sarah B. Andrews) “Treatment of the electoral college in American government and presidential textbooks.” White House Studies, vol. 4, no. 3, 2004 (with Robert P. Watson and Michael Grillo) Presidential Doctrines: National Security from Woodrow Wilson to George W. Bush. NY: Nova Science, 2003 Trade (with Rob Murphy) Pearson Baccalaureate Essentials: Global Politics, Pearson Education, 2016 “Teachers as Researchers: Changing the Dynamics of Professional Development.” Education Week: Work in Progress, 4 February 2015 Reviews “Review of Chained in Silence: Black Women and Convict Labor in the New South by Talitha LeFlouria,” The Journal of American Culture: U.S. Slavery in the Popular Imagination, vol. 40, no. 1, 2018.


Principal, Digital Pedagogy and Production Initiative (DPPI), 2018-present The DPPI project is designed to develop a digitally-based workshop curriculum for first and second-year English GTAs around both the ENC 1101/02 curriculum and the particular needs and goals of the GTAs. DPPI workshops center around participatory and active learning strategies, all of which include a debriefing and follow-up component in subsequent workshops. While each workshop is stand-alone professional development for English GTAs, these workshops are also threaded around enhancing the existing GTA training and Colloquium curriculum by advancing the use of digital tools and approaches to teaching the ENC 1101/02 courses. DPPI workshop themes include, but are not limited to: Making Visible Thinking digital | Digital feedback: frameworks, tools, and techniques | Annotation tools with Annotation Studio and Hypothes.is | Digitial bibliographies with Zotero | Open source publishing using Humanities Commons and WordPress | Textual analysis with Voyant Tools | General pedagogical workshops on Canvas and Google Apps for Educators (GAFE). The primary audience for these workshops are first-year GTAs, those with little or no prior teaching experience. These workshops also offer experienced GTAs an opportunity to expand their pedagogical toolkit, and eventually, revisit and contribute their knowledge and practice of using digital tools in their classrooms. Thirdly, instructors and tenure-line faculty may find these workshops helpful as they seek to enhance their craft, as well as understand the use of digital tools in introductory composition courses. Pilot DPPI workshops began in the Spring of 2018, with full roll-out in conjunction with GTA training and the ENG 6926 Colloquium in English courses slated for Fall 2018.   Executive Planning Committee Member, The (Dis)Order of Things: Mechanisms for Power and Control Conference, Florida Atlantic University, 2017. This project involved the end-to-end planning, management, and facilitation of an international conference. Work included, but was not limited to, developing the conference theme and CFP, soliciting and reviewing submissions, coordinating facilities, catering, and lodging, coordinating panel chairs and keynote speakers, organizing panels, promoting conference materials in print and in digital format, as well as managing daily management of the two-day conference.

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

Academic Conferences “And So Dies My Clan: Trauma Time and Indigenous Literature.” NonfictionNOW Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 2017 “And So Dies My Clan: Trauma Time and Indigenous Literature.” CSSA Symposium: Humanities and Social Justice, Boca Raton, Florida, February 2017 “Examining the Use of Narrative Feedback as the Primary Mode of Assessment.” International Organization of Social Sciences and Behavioral Research, Boca Raton, Florida, November 2015 “Feedback is Assessment: Exploring the Intersection of Learning and Technology.” International Baccalaureate Conference of the Americas, Chicago, Illinois, July 2015 “Games Without Frontiers: Understanding Student Engagement During Simulations.” International Baccalaureate Conference of the Americas, Washington, DC, July 2014 “Understanding Student Engagement During Simulations.” American Association for Teaching and Curriculum, Tampa, Florida, October 2013 “Foreign Policy Influences in the Southern Cone Democratic Transitions.” Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, Illinois, April 2006 “The Legal Status of Cluster Bombs.” International Studies Association-South, Columbia, South Carolina, October 2004 “Political Power and the Influence of Think Tanks: The 1972 ABM Treaty and National Missile Defense.” International Studies Association-South Conference, Gainesville, Florida, October 2003 “Woodrow Wilson: A Tradition of Internationalism in American Foreign Policy.” Western Social Science Association Annual Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 2002 Invited Talks Panel Chair, “Decentering Learning Spaces and Practices,” The (Dis)Order of Things; Mechanisms of Power and Control Conference, October 2017, Florida Atlantic University Workshop Facilitator, “After the Experience: Writing as Debriefing Activities,” Blue Planet Writers’ Room Summer Institute, Boca Raton, FL, July 2017 Panel discussant, “What Does a Global Education Actually Mean? (with Suzanna Jemsby, Siva Kumari, and Myles Lock) Oppi Festival, New York, New York, May 2015 Panel discussant, “Facilitating Globally Oriented Learning: Round Table on Teaching Political Science.” Florida Political Science Association Annual Meeting, University of Central Florida. Orlando, Florida, March 2015 Keynote speaker, “Feedback is Assessment: Exploring the Intersection of Learning and Technology.” Florida Council of Independent Schools Winter Symposium, Lake Highland Preparatory School, Orlando, Florida, February 2015 Keynote speaker, “Teaching Global Politics“ International Baccalaureate Global Centre, The Hague, Netherlands, October 2014.


Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment Modern Language Association Sigma Tau Delta-Kappa Rho Chapter

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