Bruce is an intellectual historian whose work traces the entanglement of European political thought with the experience of empire and colonisation, focussing on the Early Modern and Enlightenment periods. Bruce’s research seeks an understanding of concepts by bringing different fields of historical enquiry into productive conversation, most notably colonial history, histories of sound and noise, the history of science and medicine, and the history of ideas and political thought. His previous research on European perceptions of Indigenous government, the conceptual history of asymmetric warfare, and the meanings of civility, savagery and civilisation have appeared in a wide range of journals. Bruce’s research has been supported by a competitively awarded Discovery grants and a Future Fellowship from the Australian Research Council. His current research (with Linda Andersson Burnett) focusses on the conceptual prehistory of race in the teaching of medicine and moral philosophy, and in colonial travel during the Scottish Enlightenment.


  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Political Science), Australian National University, 2000. Thesis Title: The Government of Peace: Liberal Civilization and the Government of Peace. (Awarded with minor grammatical alterations).

  2. Master of Arts by research (Political Science), 1994. Flinders University. Thesis Title: Intersubjectivity and Self-Determination.(Awarded with minor grammatical alterations).

  3. Honours (First Class) in Political Studies, 1989. Flinders University. Thesis Title: The State and Anarchist Theory.

  4. Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in History and Politics, 1988. Flinders University of South Australia

Other Publications


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4.    B. Buchan, The Empire of Political Thought: Indigenous Australians and the Language of Colonial Government, Pickering and Chatto, London, 2008.

Guest Editorships of journal special issues:

5.    B. Buchan and L. Andersson Burnett, History of the Human Sciences, 32 (4), 2019. Special Issue on Knowing Savagery: Ethnographies in Circulation.

6.    B. Buchan, M. Gibson and A. Howell, Cultural Studies Review, 24 (2), 2018. Special Issue on The Ethics of Troubled Images.

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9.    B. Buchan, M. Gibosn and D. Ellison, Cultural Studies Review, 17 (1), 2011. Special Issue on The Death Scene: Reflections on Mortality.

Chapters in Edited Collections:

10.  Buchan, ‘All at Sea: Subjects, Sovereigns and the Piracy of Political Thought’ in Amirell, Hagerdal & Buchan (eds.), Piracies in World History, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, (under contract, 2020).

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Refereed Articles:

20.  Buchan, ‘Scottish Medical Ethnography: Colonial Travel, Stadial Theory, and the Natural History of Race, c. 1770-1805’, Modern Intellectual History, (forthcoming 2019).

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