• Technology is transforming twenty-first century education. Central to the study of English Literature is critical thinking and writing, and with the advent of digital texts (along with the precursor – digitized writing) the space of the discipline continues to expand. One way to get at what is being done in the study of literature is to explore the core competencies most directly linked to the field: Written Communication, Information Literacy, and Critical Thinking. “Twitagogy” is a qualitative exploration of the use of the social media platform Twitter across two semesters of teaching a variety of courses in English. I offer over twenty examples of students Tweeting, the prompts that produced them, and analysis of their work, as well as student feedback via pre- and post-surveys, class evaluations, and Canvas discussions. Twitter strengthens critical thinking and pushes students to think critically outside of the

    Keywords : mobile learning, Twitter, critical thinking, information literacy, social media