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    As the digital humanities have rapidly gained prominence and attention over the last decade, learning has shifted from individual experiences at training environments such as THATCamps and Institutes to more formal institutional instruction. This means that the number of people teaching digital humanities (DH) has had to increase. Who are these teachers? Where do they teach? Who are they teaching? What support do they have from their institutions? These questions are some that we hope to answer through a survey of those teaching DH.

    This is a survey that we used to collect data about those teaching digital humanities for approximately two months (10 July 2019 – 5 September 2019). The survey was created in Qualtrics, and the attached file shows the questions we used in the survey as well as the survey logic. This survey was launched at the Digital Humanities 2019 Conference in Utrecht as a poster presentation. The poster and its accompanying abstract can be found at https://dev.clariah.nl/files/dh2019/boa/0400.html.