• Francesco Ardolino deposited Vita Nuova XIX. Intorno a una traduzione di Joan Maragall in the group Group logo of LLC Catalan StudiesLLC Catalan Studies on MLA Commons 2 years, 8 months ago

    The rediscovery of the manuscript containing a translation by Maragall of Vita Nuova XIX sheds new light on Maragall’s Danteism and helps in clarifying certain obscure points in a
    version published by the journal Lletra, which never formed part of the Obres Completes. The current study places Maragall’s version within the environment of the Catalan pre-
    Raphaelite movement, examines the textual solutions put forward by the Catalan writer and sets out proposals for editing the work.
    Key words: translation, reception, Dante and Danteism, Maragall, Catalonia.