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Ph.D.,  Slavic Languages and Literatures, with a specialization in Polish Language & Literature, a secondary specialization in Russian Literature,  University of Illinois at Chicago. Dissertation thesis: “Aspects of Myth in the Poetry of Halina Poświatowska.” L’Université de Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III), Twentieth Century French Literature & Culture  (prose, drama, poetry, & art) and  French Language (analysis of texts & modern French expression); Twentieth Century Polish Poetry. L’Université de Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III),  French Language (advanced grammar & phonetics). M.A.,  Slavic Studies, with a specialization in Polish Language & Literature, a secondary specialization in Russian Literature,  University of Illinois at Chicago. B.A., Polish & French (double major) graduated with distinction,  University of Illinois at Chicago.  

Other Publications

Book: Marta Fox.  Everything That Is Impossible. Selected Poems.  Wszystko co niemożliwe.  Wiersze wybrane.  Translated and selected by Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn.  Gdańsk: Fundacja Światło Literatury, 2012. Book Chapter: Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn.   “Motyw światła i gliny w twórczości Joanny Pollakówny oraz Jacka Sempolińskiego.” In: Strony Joanny Pollakówny.  Anna Kozłowska and Jan Zieliński, eds.  Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego, 2017. Selected Articles & Translations: “A Passage from Eliza Orzeszkowa’s Novel Entitled Marta.” Introduction and translation by Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn and Stephanie Kraft.   The Polish Review, Vol. 62, No. 3:  17-35, 2017. Anna Zofia Gąsienica Byrcyn.  “Poetic Texts in Polish Heritage Language Classes.”  East West Journal of Ukrainian Studies. Vol. 4.1 : 101- 110, 2017. Eliza Orzeszkowa.  Martha.  Excerpts.  Translated by Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn and Stephanie Kraft.  The Sarmatian Review. Vol.  XXXVI, No. 2: 2009-2016, April 2016. Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn.  “Reading Poetry, Reading Paintings.  Joanna Pollakówna and Jacek Sempoliński.”   The Sarmatian Review. Vol. XXXIV, No. 1: 1816-1822 , January 2014. Stefan Chwin.  “The Mystery of ‘Good Evil’.” Translated by Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn.  Lituanus.  Vol. 52. No. 1: 5-16, 2006. Marta Fox.  “All the Mornings of the World.”  Translated by Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn.   The Sarmatian Review.  Vol.  XXII. 2:884, 2002. Halina Poświatowska.   “I am of flowers,” “I tuned my insides,” “in your perfect fingers,” “a bird of my heart lives,” “in our eternal departures,” “departure is like a bird,” “invocation.” Translated by Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn.  The Dirty Goat.  Vol. 12: 50-57, 2002. Halina Poświatowska.  “inside me,” “Ode to Hands,” “the river flows inside me,” “they said about my eyes,” “madonnas with infants in their arms,”  “I broke off the bough of love.” Translated by  Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn.  Modern Poetry in Translation.  Vol. 18:127-130, 2001. Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn.  “I’ll Dance for You in Words.” Article with Translations of Poems.  Lituanus.  Vol.  47, No. 1: 5-22, 2001. Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn.  “Halina Poświatowska’s Verbal Paintings.”  Translations of Poems with an Introduction.  The Sarmatian Review.  Vol.  XVI, No. 1 : 363 – 370, 1996. Małgorzata Baranowska.  “The Mass-Produced Postcard and the Photography of Emotion.”  Translated by Anna Gąsienica Byrcyn.  Visual Anthropology, Vol.  7: 171-189, 1995. Selected Articles in Polish: “Związki Mieczysława Karłowicza z Tatrami.” Tatrzański Orzeł/The Tatra Eagle, vol. 61, 2:4-5, 2008. “Szymanowski i muzyka góralska.” Tatrzański Orzeł/The Tatra Eagle, vol. 59, 4:1,4-5, 2006. “Taniec wiosennych i jesiennych ptaków.” Tatrzański Orzeł/The Tatra Eagle, vol. 58, 2:1, 2005. “Barwy tarzańskiej jesieni.”  Tatrzański Orzeł/The Tatra Eagle, vol. 57, 3: 1&6, 2004. “Morskie Oko w poezji i legendzie.”  Echo Podhalańskie, 3: 4, 2003. “Szymanowski, Karłowicz i Tatry.” Echo Podhalańskie, 4:7, 2003. Selected Book Reviews: Thaddeus V. Gromada.  Tatra Highlander Folk Culture in Poland and America.  Collected Essays from “The Tatra Eagle.” Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey: Tatra Eagle Press, 2012.  Slavic and East European Journal, vol.  59. No. 3: 474-475, Fall 2015. Stanisława Trebunia-Staszel. Strój górali podhalańskich/The Dress of the Podhale Region, from the series The Folk Dress in Polish Carpathian Mountains, vol. 4 published by the Golec Brothers Foundation, 2011.  The Tatra Eagle/Tatrzański Orzeł, vol. 66, No. 1: 4, Spring 2013. Catherine Baker.  Sounds of the Borderland: Popular Music, War and Nationalism in Croatia since 1991. Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing, 2010.  Slavic and East European Journal, vol. 55, no.4: 677-678, Winter 2011. John Guzlowski.  Lightning and Ashes.  Bowling Green, KY: Steel Toe Books, 2007.  The Sarmatian Review, vol. XXVIII, no.1, January, 2008. Danuta Mostwin.  Testaments.  Two Novellas of Emigration and Exile. Trans. Erdaman, Marta and Dyke, Nina.  Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 2005. SEEJ, vol. 51, 1: 173-174, Spring 2007.

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