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B.A., The Ohio State University (1980) Major: English & American language & literature.  Minor: French.  
M.A., French, Middlebury College (1981).  Master’s thesis: “Poetic Techniques in the Works of Francis Ponge.”   Received with honorary mention. 
Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies (DEA) (Diploma of Advanced Studies, a French Doctorate of the first cycle) in French and European literature & civilization.  Université de Nancy (1984).  Thesis: The Biographical “I” in Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar.  Received with the highest honor, “Very Good” (très bien).    
Ph. D., Comparative Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1991), English, French. Literary Theory, and Visual Arts.  Dissertation: Essays in Self-Portraiture: A Comparative Study of the Self-Portraits of Montaigne and Rembrandt. (Recommended for publication.)  


Book: Essays in Self-Portraiture: A Comparison of Technique in the Self-Portraits of Rembrandt and Montaigne. New York: Peter Lang, 1996.  (Series: Renaissance and Baroque: Texts and Studies, edited by Eckhard Bernstein, College of the Holy Cross). 

Articles, listing most recent publications first

A)  Already in Print or being published  (“*” indicates refereed journal or publication) 
1)* “Longing and Belonging for Saint-John Perse / Alexis Leger.”  Studi di Letteratura francese (Universities of Milano and Bari)  Volume 40 (December, 2015), pages 77-94. 

 2)* “Fetish, Sacrifice and Tragic Freedom in the Dardenne Brothers’ La Promesse.”  Journal of Religion and Film (University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA).  2016.  http://digitalcommons.unomaha.edu/jrf/vol20/iss2/39

 3)* “Totem and Taboo in La Promesse by the Dardenne Brothers.”  To be published in Film-Història (Universitat Autònoma de  Barcelona), May 2016. 

4) * « Vers Une Lecture ouverte de L’Ordre des oiseaux ».  Accepted by Souffle de Perse, the leading scholarly journal devoted uniquely to studies of Saint-John Perse.   Likely to appear in summer 2016.  
5)*  « L’Eloge de l’ellipse.  Du Mouvement et de l’immobilité dans Oiseaux de Saint-John Perse » (Orbis Litterarum 63.1 ([Feb. 2008], 75-85).  
6)* “Transmuter la Guerre en paix.  Intégration physique et psychique dans les suites 7 et 8 d’Oiseaux de Saint-John Perse.”  Les Lettres romanes (Louvain) vol. 53 no. 1-2 (automne, 1999).    
7)*Faust in De L’Allemagne.Rivista di Letterature Moderne e Comparate (Florence); vol. LI, no.3 (luglio-settembre 1998) 293-304. 

8)* “Estivation d’Oiseaux.  Sur l’origine de L’Ordre des oiseaux de Georges Braque et de Saint-John Perse.”  Souffle de Perse 8 (6/1998), 67-81.  

9)*Oiseaux de Saint-John Perse: Un Art poétique.”  French Forum 22.3 (Fall, 1997), p. 279-302. 
10)* “Marguerite Yourcenar’s Biographical I in Mémoires d’Hadrien.”  Studi Francesi 123 (settembre-dicembre, 1997), p. 529-534.  

11)* “Self-Portrait and Self-Description in Montaigne’s “De la Præsumption” Rivista di Letterature Moderne e Comparate (Florence) Vol XLVII, n. 1, 1995, p. 19-31. 

12)* “Le Portrait de l’artiste dans son atelier: Les Autoportraits de Rembrandt et de Mon­taigne.”  In J. Kem, ed., Plaire et Instruire (New York: Peter Lang, 1993), p. 67-80.

B) Material Currently under review 
a)    “Le Songe dans Oiseaux de Saint-John Perse: «Un Comble secret où s’intègre l’essentiel.»  Revue Européenne de Recherche sur la Poésie (Paris: Garnier).  Accepted:: likely for print in 2016.  

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