• DPhil, Egyptology  (University of Leipzig)

  • MA, Archaeology  (University of Melbourne)

  • BA, Hons. Classics and Archaeology (University of Melbourne)

Other Publications

2018.  Review of Exploring Religion in Ancient Egypt (2015) by Stephen Quirke. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 28(1): 165-166.

2017.  ‘Iconographic Entanglement in New Kingdom Egyptian Royal Rhetoric: Was the ‘International Style’ a Nuanced Form of Visual Rhetoric for an Old Office?In Interkulturität. Kontakt Konflikt Konzeptualisierung: Beiträge des sechsten Berliner Arbeitkreises Junge Ägyptologie, BAJA 6, editors S. Beck, B. Backes and A. Verbovsek, 151‒174. Harrassowitz: Wiesbaden.

2015.  ‘The Iconography of the Boston MFA Bronze Bowl with Incised Decoration from Tomb S 155 in the Southern Necropolis at Meroe in Sudan’. Amphora Issue of the Melbourne Historical Journal 43(2): 74-118.

2013.  ‘Enduring Fictions of Late Victorian Fantasy: Sir Arthur Evans and the Faience Goddesses from Minoan Crete’. In Ancient Planet 5, 2-23.

2013.  ‘Unmasking Ancient Colour: Colour and the Classical Theatre Mask’. In Ancient Planet 4, 42-61.

2012.  ‘Erroneous Terms in Archaeology and Popular Literature: the ‘Mother Goddess’, or Why I Can be Tiresome at Social Engagements’. In Ancient Planet 3, 16-27.

2012.  ‘The International Style, Colour and Polychrome Faience’. In Ancient Near Eastern Studies 49, 118-149.

2012.  ‘Colour Symbolism in Ancient Mesopotamia’. In Ancient Planet 2, 18-33.

2010.  ‘Constructing Classical Greek Masks for Contemporary Theatre’. In The Mask Handbook, by Anita Sinclair, 169-172.

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