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    IFTR 2018, Belgrade
    9-13 July, 2018

    Theatre, nation and identity: between migration and stasis

    The Theatre Architecture Working Group invites proposals from new and existing members for the 2018 IFTR World Congress

    Deadline for bursary applications: 10 December 2017
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Senior Lecturer in Theatre and Performance at Aberystwyth University. Co-convenor of the International Federation of Theatre Research (IFTR) Theatre Architecture Working Group (2012 to the present). I moved to Aberystwyth in 2008 having previously taught at the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales and the University of Western Sydney.


2011 Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (Aberystwyth University)

2006 Doctor of Philosophy in Performance Studies (University of Sydney)

2001 Bachelor of Arts. Honours Class 1. Performance Studies (University of Sydney)





Andrew Filmer and Juliet Rufford, eds. (2018) Performing Architectures: Projects, Practices and Pedagogies. London: Bloomsbury.


Journal Special Issues

Andrew Filmer, ed. (2019) ‘Theatre Architectures‘, Theatre and Performance Design Journal, 5: 3-4)

Andrew Filmer, Miranda Heckenberg and Joanne Tompkins, eds. (2012) ‘Design, Space and Performance in Australia and New Zealand’, Australasian Drama Studies (61)


Articles and Chapters

Andrew Filmer (2019) ‘Endurance Running as Gesture in Contemporary Theatre and Performance‘, Contemporary Theatre Review 30:1, pp. 28-45.


Andrew Filmer (2017) ‘Watching, Waiting, Listening: Audio Obscura and the Perceptual Ecology of Non-PlaceAbout Performance 14/15, pp. 19-40.


Andrew Filmer (2016) ‘Coriolan/us and the limits of “immersive”’ in James Frieze (ed) Reframing Immersive Theatre: The Politics and Pragmatics of Participatory Performance. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 289-302.

Andrew Filmer (2013) ‘Disrupting the “Silent Complicity” of Parliamentary Architecture’. Performance Research 18 (3) pp. 19-26.

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Bree Hadley, Jelena Rajak, Andrew Filmer, Rebecca Caines and Alan Read (2010) The “dirty work” of the Lie’. Performance Research 15 (2) pp. 123-129.

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Andrew Filmer (2008) ‘The place of theatre practice: training and aesthetic tradition at Belvoir Street’. Australasian Drama Studies 53 pp. 111-127.

Andrew Filmer (2006) ‘The Sydney Opera House: Design, History, and Theatrical Haunting’ in Irene Eyenat-Confino and Eva Sormova (eds.) Patronage, Spectacle and the Stage. Prague: Prague Theatre Institute, pp. 132-141.

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    My current research interests focus on two distinct projects: one exploring the multiple sites of encounter between theatre, performance and architecture and the other examining artistic engagements with contemporary running cultures. The first explores the relationships that exist between theatre, performance and architecture within an ‘expanded field’ of spatial and artistic practice, focussing on contemporary theatre projects and interdisciplinary practices and pedagogies. In the second I am interested in how contemporary artists are using running as a mode of aesthetic enquiry and expression to explore ideas of subjectivity, agency, collectivity and mobility, on how running functions as contemporary performance and social action, and what theatre and performance studies might gain by engaging with the aesthetics of sporting activity.

    More broadly my research interests include issues of space, place, location and spectatorship in contemporary theatre and performance, especially the dramaturgical logics and spectatorial practices inherent in site-specific and located performance. Previously my research has focussed on theatre architecture, examining performers’ experiences and practices in the backstage spaces of theatre buildings.


    International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR)

    Co-convener (2012 – ), Theatre Architecture Working Group (IFTR)

    Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

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