MS in Information Studies, Florida State University

MA in French, Louisiana State University

BA in French, Baylor University


Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

Douglas, V. A., Gao, W., Fontenot, E., Malone, A. (2021). Beyond the numbers: Building a data information literacy program for undergraduate instruction. In Bauder, J. (Ed.). Data literacy in academic libraries: Teaching critical thinking with numbers. Chicago: American Library Association.

Creelman, K., Malone, A., Martin, L., Douglas, V. A. (2021). Cultivating liaison leadership: Unblocking the pipeline to management. In Canuel, R. and Crichton, C. (Eds.), New approaches to liaison librarianship: Innovations in organization & development. Chicago: Association of College & Research Libraries.

Malone, A. (2020). From liaison to coordinator: How digital humanities influenced a role change and restructure. In Diamond, T. (Ed.), The academic librarian in the digital age: Essays on changing roles and responsibilities (pp. 84-93). Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co.

Vaillancourt, S., Brett, K., Buehner, K., Malone, A., Stein, A. (2013). A production process for library help videos. In L. P. Brown (Ed.), Library publishing toolkit, (pp. 299-304). Geneseo, NY: IDS Project Press.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications
Malone, A., Martin, L., Peters, C., Turner, C., Vaughn, P. (2017). Center stage: Performing a needs assessment of campus research centers and institutes. Journal of Library Administration, 57(4), 406-419.


Non-Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

Gao, W., Malone, A., Simons, A. (2019). Love data @ UH: Collaborating with campus partners to promote data services. Collaborative Librarianship, 11(3), 150-156.

Malone, A. (2011). Libraries serving international users: A refresher. Texas Library Journal, 87(3), 84-85.


Proceedings and Conference Papers

Duffus, O., Malone, A., Cruces, L., Dunn, M., Moore, M., Wu, A., Young, F. (2018). Committee on diversity and inclusion: Cultivating an inclusive library environment. Brick & Click Libraries: Proceedings of an academic library symposium. (pp. 1-9). Maryville, MO: Northwest Missouri State University.

Malone, A. (2010). Say this, not that: Library instruction for international students in intensive English programs. In F. Baudino, C. J. Ury and S. G. Park (Eds.) Brick & Click Libraries: Proceedings of an academic library symposium (pp.138-141). Maryville, MO: Northwest Missouri State University.


Edited Work
Buehner, K., Creelman, K., Essinger, C. Malone, A. (Eds.). (2013). Proceedings from The Art of Death and Dying Symposium. Austin, TX: Texas Digital Libraries.

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