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MLA 2021 Conference Panel, 514. Saturday, 9 January 5:15-6:30 PM EST
General Trash Heap of Theory: Agustín Fernández Mallo’s Iconoclastic Aesthetics

Organizers: Ana León-Távora, Zachary Ludington


Justin Berner (U of California, Berkeley)

Candelas Gala (Wake Forest U)

Ana León-Távora (Salem C)

Zachary Ludington (U of Maine, Orono)


ACLA 2021 Conference

Seminar:  The Shaping of Afro-Spaniard Identities: From the Colonial View to Counternarratives of Blackness within Spanish Culture (1920-2020)

Organizers: Ana León-Távora, Rosalía Cornejo-Parriego

Accepting abstract proposals on October 1st. https://www.acla.org/annual-meeting

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

MLA 2021: “The Cultural Synesthesia of ‘el Sonido del Fin’ : Material Culture and Intersensoriality in Agustín Fernández Mallo’s Narrative”
Since his narrative debut with the trilogy Proyecto Nocilla, Agustín Fernández Mallo’s narrative work has been characterized by an overabundance of material objects. This material proliferation creates a chaos of objects and of sensorial connections that produce an overload of information. The first novel in the trilogy, Nocilla Dream (2006), has been described by Germán Sierra as a representation of the world as “an ‘ecology of the Anthropocene’ in which waste and randomly ordered natural and human-made objects spontaneously rearrange themselves to produce new levels of meaning.” However, the importance of objects, as the author will continue to advance in his recent critical essay about waste, Teoría general de la basura (2018), is not just about the ontology of the objects inasmuch as it is about the human sensorial experiences attached to them and the complex cultural meanings to which they give rise. In this essay about trash, Fernández Mallo acknowledges the influence of material objects on the formation of individual identities, “el yo,” as well as of social networks “el yo social.” More specifically, in his narrative works, material objects generate intersensorial experiences influenced by their topographic locations. Through an interpretation of the concept of “sense-scape” in lieu of “landscape” as first coined by Yi-Fu Tuan (Topophilia, 1974, 1995), this paper will explore the use of material culture in Fernández Mallo’s narrative works, more specifically, in the aforementioned Nocilla Dream and in Limbo (2014). The paper will place a special emphasis on the role of intersensoriality or the sequential integration of multiple sensorial experiences, as opposed to the simultaneity implicit in traditional definitions of synesthesia (David Howes, 2006), to analyze the effect of topography on the characters’ sensorial reactions to landscapes, or rather, “sense-scapes.”
ACLA 2021: “From Negrophilia to Necropolitics: Racism in the Spanish Avant-Garde Humorist Journals.”

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