I’m a Classicist who works primarily on the secular prose literature and history of the fourth century AD. I teach Roman History at the University of Southampton, where I’m part of a team that’s recently launched a new Ancient History BA Programme, bringing the teaching of the ancient world at degree level back to Southampton after a hiatus of 30 years. Additionally, I’m a Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Classics at University College Dublin, and a Member of the Ancient World Research Cluster at Wolfson College, Oxford.


DPhil, Classics. University of Oxford (2011)

MSt, Classical Languages and Literature. University of Oxford (2006)

BA, Classics. University College London (2005)

Other Publications


2018. Imagining Emperors in the Later Roman Empire. Brill (co-edited with Diederik W.P. Burgersdijk)

2016. Ammianus’ Julian: Narrative and Genre in the Res Gestae (OUP, Oxford Classical Monographs). Reviews: Acta Classica 59 (D. Woods); Classical Review 68 (S. Tougher) H-Net Reviews 2016 (U. Lambrecht); Religious Studies Review 43.4 (D. Greenwood).


Peer-Reviewed Articles and Chapters

2018. ‘The Constantinians’ Return to the West: Julian’s Depiction of Constantius II in Oration 1′ in Imagining Emperors in the Later Roman Empire, eds. D.W.P. Burgersdijk and A.J. Ross. Brill. pp.183-203.

2018. (with D.W.P. Burgersdijk) ‘Introduction’, in Imagining Emperors in the Later Roman Empire, eds. D.W.P. Burgersdijk and A.J. Ross. Brill. pp.1-17.

2018. ‘Ammianus and the written past’, In Les historiens grecs et romains: entre sources et modèles eds. O. Devilliers and B.B. Sebastiani. Ausonius Éditions, Bordeaux. Pp. 325-340.

2017. ‘Authority and Participation in Procopius’ Wars’, In Procopius: Historical and Literary Approaches, eds., C. Lillington-Martin and E. Turquois. London: Routledge. Pp. 73-90.

2016. ‘Libanius the Historian? Praise and the Presentation of the Past in Or. 59’. Greek Roman and Byzantine Studies 56: 293-320.

2015‘Ammianus, Traditions of Satire and the Eternity of Rome’, Classical Journal 110: 356–373.

2015. ‘Ammianus 15.5.22 & Eutropius 10.16.1, an Allusion’, Classical Quarterly 65: 424–427. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0009838814000731

2015. ‘Syene as “Face of Battle”: Heliodorus and Late Antique Historiography’, Ancient Narrative 12: 1–26.

2014. ‘Constantius and the Sieges of Amida and Nisibis: Ammianus’ Relationship with Julian’s Panegyrics’, Acta Classica 57: 127–154.

Upcoming Talks and Conferences


8 July 2018. ‘obsidionales aerumnae: Ammianus’ literary use of siege scenes’, Ammianus Marcellinus: from Soldier to Author. University College Cork.

25 July 2018. ‘Constantius and Julian: envisioning emperors between history and panegyric’, Envisioning the Roman Emperor in Speech and Word in Late Antiquity. Macquarie University, Sydney.




Fellow of the Royal Historical Society

Visiting Research Fellow, School of Classics, University College Dublin

Member of the Editorial Board, Acta Classica

Member of the Society for Classical Studies

Member of the Ancient World Research Cluster, Wolfson College, Oxford.

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