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      Premodern Disability
      Disciplinary crossings medieval and early modern disability studies; methodological resonances, dissonances; comparative disability studies, connections, conundrums across both fields; 250 word abstracts, CVs; March 1 to 250 word abstracts by 1 March 2016; Allison Hobgood (

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      Disability and the Non-Human Animal
      Links between physical, sensory, neurological, or psychosocial difference and non-human animals. Connections involving race, gender, sexuality. 1-page abstract by March 7 to Cynthia Wu ( 1-page abstract by 7 March 2016; Cynthia Wu (

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      Cross-disciplinary roundtable on keywords-based collaborations; organizing potentials, pitfalls; mobility of disability and keyword paradigms across communities; keywords as (in)accessible methodologies; 250 word abstracts, CVs, 3/15;, 250 word abstracts by 15 March 2016; Allison Hobgood…[Read more]

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