I am a PhD candidate in French Studies at The University of Manchester. My thesis, funded by the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures and supervised by Joseph McGonagle and Barbara Lebrun, is on Representations of Jewish-Muslim Relations in Contemporary France. My thesis seeks to determine, firstly, to what extent a narrative of polarization (Mandel 2014) remains a dominant force in media and political representations of Jewish-Muslim relations and, secondly, explore how and to what extent French Jewish and Muslim writers and activists relate and respond to such a narrative consisting of dominant, reified binary definitions within the contemporary framework of difference-blind assimilationist republican universalism.


BA, Boston University

MA, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle


Journal Articles

Bharat, Adi. (2018) “Next Year in Jerusalem? La nouvelle judéophobie, Neo-Crypto-Judaism, and the Future of French Jews in Éliette Abécassis’ Alyah,” French Cultural Studies, 29(3), pp. 228-243.

Bharat, Adi. (2017) “Reading the Racinian Kaleidoscope Through the Colour Red in Phèdre,” Neophilologus, 101(3), pp. 367-374.

Book Chapters

Bharat, Adi. (2020) “Shalom alikoum! Challenging the conflictual model of Jewish-Muslim relations in France through stand-up comedy,” Dynamic Maghribi Jewish-Muslim Interaction across the Performing Arts (1920-2020), Liverpool University Press.

Research Notes

Bharat, Adi. (2017) “Trilling on Forster on Huysmans: A Case of Misunderstandings and Automatism,” Journal of Language, Literature and Culture, 64(2), pp. 147-149.


Ludovic Mohamed-Zahed. (Under contract) Homosexuality and Transidentity in Islam: A Systematic and Systemic Study of Islamic Scripture. (A.S. Bharat, Trans). Amsterdam University Press.

Voltaire. (2017 [1774]) “In Praise of Reason,” (A.S. Bharat, Trans.) Pusteblume, 8(1).

Book Reviews

Bharat, Adi. (2018) “Mack, Mehammed Amadeus. Sexagon: Muslims, France, and the Sexualization of National Culture,” The French Review, 91(3), p. 226.

Bharat, Adi. (2016) “Dawson, Ashley and Bill V. Mullen (eds). Against Apartheid: The Case for Boycotting Israeli Universities.” The Harvard Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy 5, pp. 42-45.

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