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    The University of British Columbia
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    Kathleen Fitzpatrick - "Happy new year, Humanities Commons! May it be a productive one for the community we are growing here."View
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    Michigan State University
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    University of Kentucky Dept. of English
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    Bard College
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    Roshan Institute for Persian Studies, University of Maryland, College Park
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    Franklin C
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    Cristina León Alfar - "The MLA Committee on Academic Freedom and Professional Rights and Responsibilities will offer two panels and a special session at the MLA Convention in Philadelphia. Please join us as we consider challenges to […]"View
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    Hunter College, CUNY
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    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
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    Julie Grossman - "Excited about three CFPs posted by the new MLA forum on adaptation studies: https://mla.confex.com/mla/2021/webprogrampreliminary/Session8629.html Proposals due March 15!"View
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    Le Moyne C
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    U Of Michigan
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    Silent Film Sound & Music Archive
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    Grad Ctr, CUNY
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    Texas SU
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    U of Southern California
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    University Of Portsmouth
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    Dartmouth C
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    Michigan State University
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    Sarah Werner - "I shared some of the results from my #altac and gender survey at #mla14 #s757; I’ll write it up more fully soon, but the slides are now in the Convention group: […]"View
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    U of Central Florida
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    Michigan State University



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