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  • BA, Santa Clara University, English & French (1988)

  • MA, University of California at Riverside, Comparative Literature (Arabic, French, English) (1991)

  • Ph.D., University of California at Riverside, Comparative Literature (Arabic, French, English) (1997)


1. My Arabology Blog: A blog I have authored since 2010 featuring my essays/articles/translations about latest cultural productions in/from the Arab World. 470,000+ Page views by March 2017. http://www.arabology.org
2. “Islamic Voices: Music of the Arab Spring” published in Stanford Live Journal (September 20, 2016).
3. Contributed to several articles, in Arabic and English , about alternative Arabic music; published in Fanack Chronicle (March 10, 2016), Al-Akhbar and many other outlets.
4. Digital Recording “Best of Arabology 2016” honored by Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne at the Humanities Center 24th Publication Celebration on March 2, 2017.
5. “The 40th Day” (2014): Short film based on my published short story ‘Vivian and Her Son,” screened at the Roxie in San Francisco on April 16, 2014. Watch the film here.
6. Digital recording titled “Top 30 Indie/Alternative Arabic Songs of 2013” honored by Stanford President Hennessy at the Humanities Center 21st Publication Celebration on March 10, 2014. See this link and listen to audio recording at this link.
7. “Music of the Arab Spring: Interview with Dr. Ramzi Salti” published in Avicenna: The Stanford Journal on Muslim Affairs Vol 4 No 1 (Winter 2014).
8. “The Music of the Arab Spring Finds a Home on the Stanford Campus: Ramzi Salti’s Arabology” in The Stanford Report (Stanford University), May 15, 2013.
9. From Beirut to the Bay: A Talk with Radio Host Dr. Ramzi Salti. Published in Beirut.com on Oct 8, 2013. See http://www.beirut.com/l/28726
10. Arabic TV Report about my radio show + teaching at Stanford aired on June 12, 2013: http://youtu.be/YnohYoEtpb4 4 SALTI
11. Hosted program + interview showcasing Lebanese artist Yasmine Hamdan. Recorded in June 2013 and published in Arabology (June 6, 2013). See this link.
12. “Hijabis at Stanford: ‘We Are All Individuals” [includes interview with Ramzi Salti] in The Stanford Daily October 22, 2012.
13. Recorded/Aired Interview with Jordanian Artist Sadouf Salem in Amman, Jordan. Recorded in July 2011 and published in Arabology (July 10, 2011). See this link.
14. Exclusive Interview with Tania Kassis, «La Soprano du Liban» conducted on July 7, 2011 in Beirut, Lebanon and published in Pop Culture in the Arab World (July 9, 2011). See this link.
15. Review of Mashrou’ Leila’s “Concert by the Mediterranean” published in Pop Culture in the Arab World (July 7, 2011). See this link.
16. Review of Raafat Majzoub’s Fetish Systems. Published in Pop Culture in the Arab World (February 2011). See this link.
17. Walid S. Hassan, “Queering Orientalism” in Immigrant Narratives: Orientalism and Cultural Translation in Arab American and Arab British Literature (Oxford University Press, 2011: 199-223.
18. Review of Ken Seigneurie’s Crisis and Memory: The Representation of Space in Modern Levantine Narrative. World Literature Today (Winter 2006)
19. Review of Bahaa Taher’s Love in Exile. Published in World Literature Today 77:1 (April-June 2003). 158.
20. Review of Ibrahim Abdel-Méguid’s Personne ne dort à Alexandrie. Published in World Literature Today 76:3-4 (Summer/Autumn 2002). 157.
21. Review of Salah Stétié’s Un suspens de cristal and Seize paroles voilées. Published in World Literature Today 71:1 (Winter 1997).
22. Review of Lenin El-Ramly’s In Plain Arabic. Published in Notes on Contemporary Literature 26:2 (March 1996): 12.
23. Review of Sahar Tawfiq’s Points of the Compass. Published in The International Fiction Review 22:1-2 (1996):99-100.
24. Review of Tahar Ben Jelloun’s Poésie complète 1966-1995. Published in World Literature Today 70:2 (Spring 96): 456.
25. Review of Salah Stétié’s La terre avec l’oubli. Published in World Literature Today 70:1 (Winter 96): 236.
26. Review of Salah Stétié’s Réfraction du désert et du désir. Published in World Literature Today 69:2 (1995): 428.
27. Review of Salwa Bakr’s The Wiles of Men and Other Stories. Published in The International Fiction Review 21:2 (1994).
28. Review of Rasheed El-Enany’s Naguib Mahfouz: The Pursuit of Meaning. Published in World Literature Today 68.2 (1994): 419-20.
29. Review of Naguib Mahfouz’s Adrift on the Nile. Published in World Literature Today 68.1 (1994): 203.
30. Review of Alec G. Hargreaves’ La littérature Beur: Un Guide bio-bibliographique. Published in World Literature Today 67.3 (1993): 664.
31. Review of Nawal el Saadawi’s Jannat wa-iblis. Published in World Literature Today 67.2 (1993): 437-8. 5 SALTI
32. Review of Nawal El-Saadawi’s Searching. Published in The International Fiction Review 19.1 (1992): 55-56.
33. “Re-Orienting the Subject: Arab-American Ethnicity in Ramzi M. Salti’s The Native Informant” by Christopher Wise. Published in Ethnicity and the American Short Story. New York: Garland, 1997: 213-227. Lecture about my book delivered by Dr. Wise at the Fifth Annual Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies Conference (April 1996) at Georgia Southern University.
34. Allan Hibbard, In-depth essay on Ramzi M. Salti’s The Native Informant. Published in Digest of Middle East Studies 5:4 (Fall 96): 86-90.
35. “An Interview with Ramzi M. Salti,” in Tat Tarbut (Winter 1996): 21-4.
36. Hussein Kadhim, Review of The Native Informant in World Literature Today 69:4 (Autumn 95): 863.
37. Review of The Native Informant in Middle East Journal 49:4 (Autumn 95): 694.
38. Brian Jackle, “Arab Author Weaves Threads of Oppression” in San Francisco Sentinel 23 August 23, 95: 23, 26
39. “Bits and Pieces” in San Francisco Bay Times August 10, 95: 6.
40. Review of The Native Informant in Edge Magazine July 26, 95: 38.
41. Frank Sanello, “Brave Informant” in Frontiers Magazine July 14, 1995: 45-6. 42. Carl Byron, “Desert Firestorm” in LA Village View. June 30, 1995: 8.
43. The Native Informant and Other Stories: Six Stories of Defiance from the Arab World [Book] (Colorado: Three Continents/Lynne Rienner Pubs, 1995). This collection of short stories focuses on various notions of gender, marginality, and ethnicity in the Arab world. This book included in reading lists for courses dealing with Arab American literature and/or postcolonial theory at several educational institutions worldwide including Harvard University and the Sorbonne in France. This book was reviewed in dozens of national and international periodicals (samples provided upon request) and has been the focus of several lectures at various seminars and university conferences. Also see this link on Google Books and https://www.facebook.com/thenativeinformant
44. Exploring Arab Concepts of Homosexuality [Book] (University of California, Riverside Press, 1997, 454 pages)
45. “A Different Leader of Men: Yusuf Idris against Arab Concepts of Male Sexuality.” Published in World Literature Today 75:2 (Spring 2001): 245-256.
46. “A Commentary on Matti Moosa’s The Early Novels of Naguib Mahfouz: Images of Modern Egypt.” Published in Christianity and Literature (Georgia Southern University), Dec.1997.
47. “True Lies” published in The Los Angeles Times, July 30, 1994, F6.
48. “Paradise, Heaven, and Other Oppressive Spaces: A Critical Examination of the Life and Works of Nawal el Saadawi.” In-depth essay published via Oxford University (England) in The Journal of Arabic Literature, XXV (Part 2) 1994: 152-174.
49. “Feminism and Religion in Alifa Rifaat’s Short Stories,” published in The International Fiction Review 18.2 (1991): 108-112.
50. “A Note on Naguib Mahfouz’s Effort to Strike a Balance Between East and West,” published in The International Fiction Review 17.2 (1990): 93-95.

Blog Posts


• Playlist of all my Videos and TV Appearances: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeLWDZIrxtQZTZGOSTkfMPu1yAjL0rec8
• Reviewed musical play Love Sick ft interviews with Ali Paris + Ofra Daniel (March 12, 2017). Audio at https://soundcloud.com/arabology/lovesick
• Arabic Public Reading/Translation of Almog Behar’s “My Arabic Is Mute” ft the poet himself (in Hebrew) at Stanford (March 7, 2017). Video at https://youtu.be/E6NT5JFIiz0
• Moderated film discussion of East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem at U.C. Berkeley (February 2017). Video at https://youtu.be/M0xBUrLsedE
• Hosted/Moderated Tunisian singer Emel Mathlouthi’s talks and concerts at Stanford’s Bing Concert Hall (October 2016). See this link.
• Presented an exhibit titled “Utilizing Podcasts, Blogs, and Interactive Media to Improve Language Proficiency” at Stanford’s 2015 ATXpo which took place at the Arrillaga Alumni Center on Oct 12, 2015. See this link and this video.
• Kahlil Gibran Poetry Night with Ramzi Salti at Stanford (May 2015): https://youtu.be/B7vEClRcDKs
• Organized/Moderated 2 events for legendary ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine at Stanford, including screening/discussion of his film ‘Dancing in Jaffa’ (May 2015). See videos at https://youtu.be/uEQ1NAz6beo and https://youtu.be/h2aQzq4H1qk
• Organized and moderated Lebanese singer Mike Massy’s talk + concert at Stanford on March 11, 2014. Events made possible by a grant from the Stanford Arts Institute. See this link and this video.
• Guest speaker for courses by Dr. Touria Boumehdi, Professor Joel Beinin, and Professor Vered Shemtov’s class ‘Reflections of the Other: The Arab in Hebrew Literature” (Winter 2014-2017).
• Hosted Arab Film Festival screening at Stanford’s Annenberg Auditorium in November 2013. See this link.
• Presented a 5-Part Lecture about the History Arabic Music during a series of talks titled Ya’ani: Week of Music, Culture, and Languages of the Middle East in May 2013. See this link and this video.
• Hosted and moderated event titled Tradition and Modernity: The Globalization of Street Arts in the Middle East on April 6, 2013 at Roble Dorm Theater. See this link.
• “Islam and Hip Hop Culture” (co-presenter with Stanford Professor H. Samy Alim, 2012).
• Various presentations (in Arabic) for Dr. Eva Hashem’s Colloquial Lebanese classes.
• Organized event titled “Emerging Voices in Arab American Literature” featuring a selection of Arab American writers (February 2000-9).
• Presented talk titled “Minorities in the Arab World” for MSAN (2009)

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