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Petition for Literacy Studies forum

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    Cheryl E. Ball

    Dear Teaching of Writing forum members:

    MLA has tentatively approved a new forum for Literacy Studies under the Rhetoric and Writing Studies group, but it needs 35 MLA members to sign the petition by June 15 in order for the forum to make for the 2014 year. Currently, 8 people have signed the petition, which is located here: http://mla.hcommons.org/groups/prospective-forum-rcws-literacy-studies/forum/topic/petition-17/

    If the forum makes for this year, it will open up NEW speaking positions for the Vancouver conference in January. There are also executive committee positions available for this forum, simply for the volunteering. Get in on the ground floor of shaping writing studies at MLA by joining this group.

    Cheryl… just an interested member in seeing more Writing Studies represented at MLA.


    dr. bonnie lenore kyburz

    Hey Cheryl! Yes, agreed. In this case, more is more!


    Anne W. Anderson, Ph.D.

    Excellent! Thank you for letting us know.



    I support the establishment of a Literacy Studies forum.

    John Brereton, UMass Boston


    Charles J. Gaspar

    Great.   I support this also.


    Sonia Nora Feder-Lewis

    A very important topic–I support the forum very strongly.


    Jean Ferguson Carr

    I support such a forum. Great idea.

    Jean Ferguson Carr, University of Pittsburgh



    Mary Parish

    This is a great idea.  I support this forum.

    Mary Parish, Duquesne University


    Bert Barry

    I certainly am in favor of a Literacy Studies forum.

    Bert Barry

    Saint Louis University


    Harold Henry Hellwig

    I support this.

    H. Hellwig
    Idaho State University


    Marylou Gramm

    I strongly support a literacy studies forum.

    Marylou Gramm, University of Pittsburgh


    Peter R Jacoby

    I also strongly support a literacy studies forum.

    ~ Peter R Jacoby, San Diego Mesa College


    John B. McClain

    Please add my name to the petition.

    John McClain, College of the Desert, UC Berkeley




    Joshua Begley

    I support this forum as well.

    Joshua Begley, Full Sail University


    Giovanna Covi

    I support this petition.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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