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What are you trying to do?

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    Okay, I think this you should be able to fix. If you click “Admin” on the left side of the group home page, you’ll be on the group’s admin settings. In there, there’s a tab called “Members”. If you click that, you should see a list of all the members in the group; next to each name, there should be several buttons, including “Promote to Admin”. Click that button for each person in your group who should be an admin, and I think that should work.

    One caveat: because the group was automatically created, it might behave differently. But try that; if it’s not working, I can see what else I can do.

    And tomorrow I should have a blog post up about administering groups and group roles, which will have screen shots of all of this – if this is confusing, that might clear it up.


    M. Stanley Majors

    Hi Dan –

    I’m trying to…

    1) Search for contacts by division (for example, only see those users in my division – German).

    2) Browse groups by type (for example, view only public groups, or only committees).

    There are probably instructions on how to do these things lurking in plain sight, but I haven’t spotted them yet.

    Thanks in advance for any info!




    Hi Maggie!

    The first one should be fairly simple to do: go to the group page for the division you’re in – for example, Twentieth Century German Literature is here:

    – and click “Members” on the side. You’ll see a list of everyone in that division; you can click “Add Contact” on the left. We don’t currently have a way to search in that list, but if this is something you’re interested in, let me know & I’ll see if there’s a way we could add that feature.

    The second problem: well, I can partially help you! If you go to the groups page here:

    you’ll see that there’s a drop-down menu labeled “Visibility”. This is by default set to “All”. But if you change this to “Public” or “Private,” you’ll only see groups that are public or private respectively.

    The part I can’t really help you with: inside of private groups, there’s currently no way to see just a list of division groups, discussion groups, or committees – the system currently thinks these are all the same thing, which isn’t the most useful. If you remember that discussion groups have a red icon with speech bubbles & that division groups have a green icons, that can help you scan, although some groups have changed their icons.

    But you know, it wouldn’t be very hard for me to make a wiki page that divides up all the groups by type. Let me do that; I’ll let you know when that’s up.

    I hope that helps? Let me know if I can do more!




    (And committees, by the way, are now purple by default – Chris changed this!)



    And I’ve made a new page on the wiki:

    which is just a list of links to all the divisions, discussion groups, and committees in MLA Commons if you’d like to browse this way. The formatting of some of the names is still a little rough – I’ll go through and fix that! But this should be useful if you’re just looking for a discussion group, for example.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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