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  • CFP: Body Memory Trauma // Exhibition: Water, Art, Women, Life  
    Uploaded by María Gil Poisa on 27 November 2014.

    5th Hispanic Studies Graduate Conference with the title of “Body, Memory, Trauma”, an interdisciplinary academic event open to every interested scholar. The conference will take place on March 6th and 7th in College Station/Bryan (Texas), together with an Italian-Argentinean artistic exhibition with the title of “Water, Art, Women, Life”, devoted to the problem of water ) in the Southern-central Argentinian region of Comahue, and its relationship with women and indigenous people in the area. Our keynote speakers will be Giulio Nicola Soldani (co-founder of Comahue Permanent Assembly for Water and member of the Argentinian Parliament for Water) and Dr. Richard Kagan (Arthur O. Lovejoy Professor Emeritus of History & Academy Professor of History, Johns Hopkins University).

  • Pre-Civil War (1936) Images of Iberian Masculinity(ies). Nemla 2014  
    Uploaded by Ana I Simón-Alegre on 15 September 2013.
    This panel will discuss different types of male hegemonic discourses which circulated in Spain until 1936. Panelists will analyze types of masculinities that did not adhere to archetypical hegemonic models, but that shared the same spheres of influence, and had similar visual and textual expression. Topics to be discussed include, but are not limited to, comparisons of certain types of masculinity(ies) as manifested in situations of peace and war. Please send 500 word abstracts in Spanish or English to Ana Simon