Call for Participants: Translation Site on the Commons

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    Nicky Agate

    We in the MLA Office of Scholarly Communication plan to launch a translation site that will serve as a resource to our members. We plan to cover practical and professional advice, discussion of theories of translation, reviews of books in and about translation, pedagogical ideas, personal experience— and anything else you would like to see. We’re inviting contributions in the form of blog posts (audio, video, textual) and syllabi from this group. If you’re interested in being part of this initiative, please message me on the Commons (just click on my avatar and press “Send message”). And let us know what you think such a site needs to contain!


    Nicky (Commons managing editor)


    Joseph C. Heininger

    Please include current and past translation theory in the discussions.  Thank you


    Russell Scott Valentino

    <div>This is a great idea. It would be great to get ALTA and the ATA involved with this, esp. as they are working on a database of publishers and programs, and ALTA’s new website (which will have some overlap with the info you list above) will launch in the next few weeks. I can help.</div>


    and perhaps involve gentzler (umass amherst) and his translation studies listserve?

    re theory i can offer this: Tötösy de Zepetnek, Steven. “Taxonomy for the Study of Translation in Comparative Cultural Studies.” Library Series, CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture (2002):

    with best regards, steven totosy


    Bhavya Tiwari

    This sounds excellent! It would be great to include translation theory and translation practices from regions/countries/etc that are multilingual. I think, that would really open up an interesting pedagogical and intellectual dialogue.


    Nicky Agate

    Great ideas—and I’m glad there is enthusiasm for this topic. If any of you have a particular area, field, or issue you’d be willing to write about, please do let me know. I’ll contact Erica Mena at ACLA, but if any of you have a contact at ATA or would be willing to facilitate an introduction to Gentzler, that would be really helpful.


    Russell Scott Valentino

    Nicky, Erica is at ALTA not ACLA (you can find her email at the ALTA website — all their emails are Also, Sibelan Forrester (on this forum) is on the liaison committee for ALTA, and I’m the current president. So that connection is pretty much already in place. For ATA, the current president is Caitlin Walsh ( The other people/org involved with building the publishers d-base are Alex Zucker and Margaret Carson from the PEN Translation Committee. (I can give you their contact info if you’d like to have. Send me an email.) –Russell



    Hi Nicky, As Russell just mentioned,Alex Zucker and I (the current co-chairs of the PEN Translation Committee in NYC) are working on building resources with ALTA and ATA. We’d like to be in the loop as well! Our email is

    On our webpage, we have a Model Contract for translations, a growing list of FAQs and other resources on literary translation and publishing.







    Corine Tachtiris

    I can put you in touch with Edwin Gentzler, if no one else has already.


    Melek Ortabasi

    Hi Nicky,

    I can’t volunteer a lot of time, but I’d be willing to help collect and vet translation studies-related syllabi.




    Scott G. Williams

    In addition to ALTA, it would be a good idea to reach out to ATISA as well:


    Denise Kripper

    I’m a PhD Candidate in the Spanish & Portuguese Department at Georgetown University, currently working on my dissertation on the role of fictional translators in contemporary Latin American and Spanish Literature. I’d like to help in whatever way I can. Thanks.

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