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Where is satire taught?


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    Evan R. Davis

    We would like to get a sense of the range of courses in which satire is taught. In what courses do you teach satire? Please indicate for each course the discipline, course title, format (lecture or seminar), whether it is an elective or required, whether it is regularly offered or a special topic, and how often you teach it.

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    Ratan Bhattacharjee

    Satire is taught in our UG courses. We teach Pope’s The Rape of the Lock for our Graduate students. In Masters  our students are to take Dunciad . We teach Swift and Dryden , Mark Twain and Orwell also.- Gulliver’s Travels, Mac Flecknoe, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Animal Farm. All these are offered as a regular segment in the syllabus. I teach Satire thrice in my classes. We also discuss the genre with references to the Classical and Neo-Classical writers of Europe. We arranged seminars and special lectures also on the topics related to genre of  Satire .


    Martin Lockerd

    In the Spring 2014 semester, I taught a course on “The Rhetoric of South Park” (Rhetoric 309K) at the University of Texas at Austin. This was a special topics seminar focused on reading and interpreting satire in the contemporary television series South Park. The course was an elective that qualified to fulfill a writing requirement.


    Amy L. Friedman

    I teach an Honors seminar (undergrad) at Temple University called “Satire: The Deadliest Genre,” which covers satires through the ages which got the respective authors in dire and desperate trouble: exile, incarceration, threats, fatwa. The seminar appears in the course catalogue irregularly. I have also taught the English Senior Capstone as a satire-focused seminar on Restoration and Augustans.

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