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MLA 2024 CFP: Ungrading as Liberatory Practice

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    Atia Sattar

    [This session is organized by the HEP Teaching as a Profession Forum]

    Ungrading as Liberatory Practice 

    As a pedagogical practice, ungrading decenters grade-based assessment and focuses instead on student learning. It is based on the philosophical premise that grades are not an accurate assessment of learning, and institutionalized grading systems seeks not only to discipline the student but also the instructor. The aim of ungrading is to shift classroom focus, and student focus, away from the fear-based conception of an elusive ‘grade.’ This practice asks faculty to pause and consider exactly what knowledge and skills they want students to acquire in their courses and to cultivate an intentional evaluative structure that centers learning goals, frequent feedback, and student self-reflection. As such, ungrading challenges existing structures of knowledge production and evaluation at the university, inviting a more engaged pedagogy. This panel invites participants to share their experiences with ungrading, including, but not limited to, contract grading, specifications grading, labor-based grading, or mastery based grading.

    Submit 250 word abstract and brief bio to asattar@usc.edu by March 15.


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