Teaching as a Profession is one of only three forums classified as “HEP,” or Higher Education and the Profession. The focus of our forum is on the intersection of criticality and classroom practice as it informs pedagogy across fields and approaches. We invite diverse voices to engage in these conversations, both during our convention panels and here on the Commons. The work that this forum does to examine, address, and engage with the issues that educators face today is essential to both the MLA and the scholarly community at large.

MLA 2024 CFP: Teaching Beyond University

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    Atia Sattar

    [This session is organized by the HEP Teaching as a Profession Forum]

    Teaching Beyond University

    In its effort to recognize other spaces for postgraduate careers beyond 4-year institutions, the Teaching as a Profession Forum is inviting submissions for a virtual roundtable focused on teaching beyond a traditional university department. We are especially interested in your experiences at a community college and K-12 level, faculty/teacher training within and beyond university, DEI training, educational path within the corporate world (including designing courses on behalf of an organization), collaborative teaching across educational systems, teaching abroad, etc. The presentations should focus on your professional journey, roadblocks and advantages of your position, and advice to those considering this path, along with suggestions on how to embark on this journey and how it is different from a traditional university-to-university career. We welcome submissions from participants with formal training or a graduate degree in the field of languages, literatures, and linguistics, or a related field.

    Submit 250-word abstract and a short bio by March 15th  to styutina@csun.edu

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