Teaching as a Profession is one of only three forums classified as “HEP,” or Higher Education and the Profession. The focus of our forum is on the intersection of criticality and classroom practice as it informs pedagogy across fields and approaches. We invite diverse voices to engage in these conversations, both during our convention panels and here on the Commons. The work that this forum does to examine, address, and engage with the issues that educators face today is essential to both the MLA and the scholarly community at large.

Call for papers: please share widely!

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    Jen McConnel

    Guaranteed session at MLA 2022:Where Do We Go From Here? Anti-Racism and the Future of the Profession

    This panel explores the ways educators are engaging with anti-racist practices in their language and literature classrooms as we re-envision the future of our profession. We are seeking practical pedagogical experiences and reflections, demonstrations and descriptions of teaching tactics, and theoretical frameworks.

    Extended deadline: Saturday, March 27, 2021.

    Please email your brief abstract to David Puthoff at dputhoff@unm.edu

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