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    Alexandra Berlina

    Dear all,

    years ago, I started a double-blind peer-reviewed open-access venue. A lot of great people are on board (see \”board members\”), and I still love the idea of a litcrit journal actual people would read, but hasn\’t (yet) achieved the wide circulation I had hoped for. In the meanwhile, I left the academia in favour of freelance translation between English, German and Russian. I froze the journal for now; without active advertising in forums and at conferences, submissions dropped almost to zero. Would perhaps anyone care to reanimate the journal and become its editor-in-chief? The upkeep costs of the website are about 15 € per year, and posting articles is quite easy. 99% of the work involved is dealing with submissions — but you can influence their volume yourself by advertising the journal more or less actively. I\’d send you a list of willing reviewers with their fields of expertise and interest. Any takers?:)

    Please email me at (much preferred to replies here). Thank you!

    Currently, the orientation is toward comparative literature, but if someone takes it on and turns it an American/contemporary/genre-specialized/any other kind of litcrit journal, it\’s okay by me as long as the published articles are preserved.

    It would be great to see Readings alive again!



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