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CFP: New Media and Post/Colonialism: New Colonial Media?

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    Brian Bernards

    Call for Papers

    New Media and Post/Colonialism: New Colonial Media?

    Recent global scholarly debates have brought increased attention to the question of the “coloniality” of media, both new and old. While indigeneity and colonial subjection are both being pursued in these arenas, we are interested in the following questions, and more:

    • Have new media become a battleground where digital colonialism is being enforced?

    • How are film and television continued (or evolving) sites for colonial contestation?

    • In what ways are new media used to articulate and protect indigeneity, and perhaps to create a global Indigenous community?

    • Have new media contributed to real-world decolonization, beyond a few celebrated examples, and have these decolonizing passages been more than transitory?

    • Has the emerging field of critical data studies faced the question of the coloniality that is inherent to datafication processes but neglected to explore the futurity of the “digital natives”?

    • Have new media opened spaces for expression by colonized subjects? Or have they deepened the digital divide that re-enshrines the division separating colonizer and colonized?

    • Are some “new media” more conducive to decolonial ends than others?

    • How do digital technologies differ across the globe? And why might some technologies be more useful for decolonial purposes than others?

    We welcome analyses of a range of narrative “texts”: film, television, websites, social media, podcasts, and other forms of (new) media that provide space for communication and self-expression.

    Please send an abstract of 250 words describing your work on new media and coloniality by January 10, 2022 to or Accepted papers will need to be complete by mid 2022.

    An initial presentation of these ideas will take place at the ACLA annual conference, June 15-18, 2022, which will be held via zoom. We will then edit a special issue of the journal Humanities on new media, colonialism, settler colonialism, and global studies, with the aim of bringing together a variety of scholarly approaches.

    Editors: Rebecca Weaver-Hightower, Virginia Tech; Lorenzo Veracini, Swinburne University of Technology

    Please respond via email to:

    Rebecca Weaver-Hightower

    North Dakota SU

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