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CFP for EuroSEAS 2019: "Southeast Asian Travelogues and Global Asia"

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    Weihsin Gui

    CFP for EuroSEAS 2019: “Southeast Asian travelogues and global Asia”

    This laboratory considers the ways in which travelogues by Southeast Asians articulated the concept of inter-Asian connections, thus prefiguring the term ‘global Asia.’ Examples include the study of early modern India and Southeast Asia by Chinese-language Nanyang (South Seas) historians in 1950s Singapore, as reflected in their travel memoirs, as well as the Malaccan writer and translator Munshi Abdullah’s Bahasa chronicles of his voyages to Mecca and northern Malaysia in the late nineteenth century. We are interested in papers that engage in the following topics:

    * Travelogues that challenge the borders between fiction and non-fiction

    * Travelogues that transform or translate older ways of being

    * Travel narratives of subcultures

    * Travelogues that articulate ethno-geographical units like the Nusantara, Nanyang or others • Literary or critical theory relating to travel and Global Asia

    The lab aims to produce a publication of the papers following our discussion at EUROSEAS.

    Please send your abstract to Nazry Bahrawi ( and Nic Wong (

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