CFP: The Routledge Handbook to Global Literature and Culture in the Romantic Era

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    Esha Sil

    Call for Papers: The Routledge Handbook to Global Literature and Culture in the Romantic Era 

    Edited by Arif Camoglu, Bakary Diaby, Omar F. Miranda, Gaura Narayan, and Kate Singer 

    How might we re-envision and extend the “Romantic period” through an archive of texts and forms of expression from multiple communities across the planet during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries? The Routledge Handbook to Global Literature and Culture in the Romantic Era aims to redefine the contours of the literary and political imaginations of the period by attending to the cultural, linguistic, temporal, and archival differences that constitute our world. Resisting the master narratives of canonical Anglo-European Romanticisms, the volume will offer new readings, including cross-cultural, trans-regional, and transnational analyses, that will highlight aesthetic and political concerns around the globe. It will also expand the linguistic and cultural texts of the period and foreground new sites of knowledge and anti-racist methodologies. We seek chapter proposals that will contribute to the volume’s broad geographical and cultural reach, including but not limited to engagements with Black, Asian, Latinx, and indigenous peoples across the globe and spaces such as the Caribbean, the Americas, Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania. We are interested in reconsidering how we put language to “revolutions and social change” and how we might necessarily redraw the temporal boundaries, ongoing legacies, and other paradigms of the period with more diverse archives and geographies. Contributions from scholars in the Global South are especially welcome.

    Essay proposals might consider the following subjects:

    ·         race, indigeneity, gender

    ·         migration, circulation, and translation

    ·         affects, relations, communities

    ·         aesthetics, genre, media, and objects

    ·         oral histories & visual and material cultures

    ·         narratives of rebellion, abolition, and other emancipatory and activist expressions

    ·         the ecological as an important site of knowledge

    ·         reimagining temporal boundaries and legacies of the period

    Send 500-word abstracts, CV, and author bio to by August 1, 2022; decisions will be made no later than September 30, 2022, and 6,000-word essays will be due by August 2023. This volume is under contract.

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