LLC Hungarian Forum CFP for abstracts: MLA 2022 (Washington DC, Jan 6-9)

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    Jessie M. Labov

    Hungarian gastronomy and terroir as a source of national identity

    300 word abstract (and bio) on the culinary traditions of the nation; the effects of immigration, transnationalism, tourism, globalization, capital on Hungarian gastronomy; emerging gastro-revolution and haute cuisine; Hungary’s place in the world of wine Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, 24 March 2021 Martha Pereszlényi-Pinter, John Carroll U ( ) Jessie M. Labov, Center for Media, Data and Society ( )


    Collaborative Panel Hungarian LLC and Romanian LLC: Affect and Multilingualism in the United States

    Consider affect-as-excess, diffuse and emergent, and its constant imbrication with multimodalities of power. How can we (re)imagine American multilingualism in terms of affect and a politics of liberation? A 300-word abstract and bio requested. Deadline for submissions: Sunday, 24 March 2021 Martha Pereszlényi-Pinter, John Carroll U ( ) Szidonia Haragos, Zayed U ( )

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